EZ Bacon Pan

What is EZ Bacon:

It is meant to be a cooking tool that lets you make perfect, crispy bacon every single time.
EZ Bacon is said to be the resort for all bacon lovers who want that perfect, crispy taste from it. Who doesn’t love to that have that delicious strip of bacon with their breakfast? Or you might want to make something scrumptious with it for your meal or when you are hosting a party for that matter. But often making crispy bacon at home can be a nightmare with grease spilling and splattering all over the place. EZ Bacon promises to help you have that delicious bacon without all this mess.


EZ Bacon is known for its angled design

And that’s responsible for it working the way it does. Thanks to this angled design, bacon gets cooked quickly and evenly every single time. Hence you can get that perfectly crispy strip of bacon every time you cook it with EZ Bacon.


But that’s not all; often having crispy bacon means you have to contend with grease that you just can’t eliminate. However that’s been made a lot easier by EZ Bacon as the grease drains out into a built in tray. And hence you can enjoy all the goodness of bacon while you have a healthy way of cooking it.



EZ Bacon lets you make all your favourites without the hassle

Do you want to make bacon and egg breakfast or the classic LBT sandwich that everyone just seems to love? Are you in the mood for making savoury appetizers and impressing your guests with your cooking skills? In that case EZ Bacon can be your saviour because all you need to do is put it in the oven and let it cook your favourite piece of bacon to perfection. It doesn’t involve any hassle, mess or splatter.


EZ Bacon is convenient for use

EZ Bacon offers you respite from smoky kitchens and cuts down on the mess. You can do away with the effort of having to clean greasy pans too because EZ Bacon has a non stick surface. Thus cleaning is easy and it’s also dishwasher safe for your convenience. You can use it every day or for special occasions at home.


What do I get?

1 EZ Bacon Pan for $10 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website: BuyEZBacon.com

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