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Family Bible Films offers the “Friends & Heroes” DVD series. It is the most captivating and the most entertaining way for kids to understand and learn the stories of the Bible. Each fun and exciting animated film features a group of friends from the Ancient World who learn how the stories of the Bible are relevant to their everyday lives. Family Bible Films features two of the most important stories from the Bible: Daniel and the Lion’s Den and Jesus and the Miraculous Catch.


Features and Benefits

Family Bible Films is a fascinating, enthralling and fun animation film that brings stories of the Bible to life. It promises to be a great way to help your children understand and learn the Bible better as it includes the most important lessons from the Bible. With Family Bible Films you can now give your child a deeper appreciation of the Bible. Family Bible Films will help your child learn even more about the Bible’s greatest stories!


Watch it on Any Internet Connected Device

Your kids can now enjoy all Family Bible Films any time and anywhere they want to, whether they are at home or on the go. Yoor child can watch these films on the family computer, an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and any other internet-connected device that’s equipped with a web-browser. It’s filled with fun and enthralling animation that your kids are guaranteed to love, enjoy and cherish.


A Bible your Kids are sure to Love

Family Bible Films has brought the story of the Bible to life in a beautiful and entertaining animated film that will appeal to you and your entire family. This will help your kids learn the values and principles quoted in the Bible in a more fun, captivating and entertaining way. Watching the Family Bible Films will allow your child appreciate the Bible in a deeper way. Your child is sure to learn lifelong lessons by watching these DVD series. Order your Family Bible Films DVD today!


What do I get?

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