Feelvita Food Processor REVIEW

About Feelvita Food Processor

This powerful, do-it-yourself, energy-efficient food processor is 14 machines rolled into one. The Feelvita Food Processor helps you bring variety and creativity into your kitchen. It is easy to cut, grate, chop, stir and mix using just one appliance. You can now make delicious recipes at home.

The Feelvita Food Processor has additional features such as making crushed ice, meat processing, whipping and emulsifying. Its high-quality blades ensure precision cuts every time. The Feelvita Food Processor is German engineered with a high-tech induction motor. 400 watts power makes it energy efficient yet powerful. It is light and compact (under 5 kgs) and versatile.


FeelVita Food Processor


FeelVita Food Processor REVIEW

FeelVita Food Processor does not really work as expected and thus the reviews about this product are not that great. Lot of reviewers have mentioned that FeelVita Food Processor works great for liquids like salsa or heavy whipping cream, puree though it may not be desirable for soups. In addition it does not really chop well, so basically FeelVita Food Processor is much like a blender.

On the good side, the construction of FeelVita Food Processor seems good, the motor is certainly powerful and it has great capacity. One of the customer said following about FeelVita Food Processor – “Way too powerful for my needs and not very adjustable. There should be slower speed settings. The top does not fit close enough to protect from things flying out from the overwhelmingly powerful lades. I put down wax paper over the inner container before adding the top to protect against stuff flying out until I gave up altogether.” Another one said – “The liquid will leak out from between the bowl and the lid. It will not leak if you just use the continuous speed settings but pulse will make it leak if you do it over and over again.”

So all in all for a few customers FeelVita Food Processor was not that worthwhile there were few who said that for the price they could live with a few misses of the product.


PROS of FeelVita Food Processor

  • Good design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Great Capacity
  • Good for making liquid food items such as salsa, sauces or puree
  • Light weight didn’t take up too much room


CONS of FeelVita Food Processor

  • Good for making puree but does nothing much of any other work it is supposed to do.
  • The slicing feature does not work, FeelVIta Food processor does not chop uniformly.
  • The statement that FeelVita Food Processor has a large throat is very misleading. It measures 1 5/8 inches wide and 2 3/4 long, leading you to cut your large produce into small pieces before attempting to process.
  • The liquid will leak out from between the bowl and the lid.
  • It is sometimes difficult to line up the lid and it is loud.


Feelvita Verdict

FeelVita Food Processor failed to impress the customers as per the reviews. It did not worked as advertised and thus the customers who purchased FeelVita recommended to go for some other product instead.

We are also of the same opinion and recommend to go for Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor in place of FeelVIta Food Processor. You can find Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor on amazon.com for $36.85. It has managed to received 4.1 star ratings on an average with 3069 customers review majority of which are positive ones. It is also featured as amazon’s choice product for food processor. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor can actually called a food processor since all the features mentioned work in practicality unlike FeelVita which seems more of a blender.


Where to buy FeelVita?
Official website: FeelVitaBlender.com.au

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