Fill N Fix Furniture Scratch Remover

What is Fill N Fix – Fill N Fix is a furniture repair system that has marker and filler sticks to conceals scratches or cuts on wooden furniture easily and within seconds.
Fill N Fix is supposed to be an easy, efficient and quick solution if your expensive wooden furniture has suffered cuts, gouges and scratches and refurnishing or replacing it is not an option as it takes hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But apparently with the Fill N Fix furniture system you can get rid of the scratches and cuts by just using the marker and filler sticks.


Easy, quick and Efficient

Fill N Fix claims to be extremely easy and take just a few seconds to fix your furniture problem. You wouldn’t need to spend on materials or professionals and wait for days to get your furniture restored. Fix the furniture yourself within seconds. Fill N Fix supposedly takes just three easy steps to make your furniture look new. First use the filler of the color of your choice to fill in scratches. Then conceal the worn edges, scratches, and other imperfections with the touch up markers. Finally, give it the finishing touch with the matching scratch filler. The application itself takes just seconds and is meant to dry off within seconds too.


Works on all types of woods

You will supposedly not have to worry about comprising the color of your furniture with the Fill N Fix marker and filler sticks, which are said to be available as a 12 piece system so you can get a color that will blend in with your furniture. The kit is said to include 6 unique shades of wood to match most finishes – black, mahogany, maple, cherry, walnut and oak.


Fixes deep gouges too

Fill N Fix promises to help you fill in minor cuts and scratches left by pets but it can believably also fill deep gouges by something heavy chipping the wood off, cracks, and even nail holes. You can supposedly use it on doors, windows, wooden flooring or cabinets at home or even in your office. Fill N Fix is supposed to be enough to fill in hundreds of scratches on your home furniture.


What do I get?

2 Fill n Fix Furniture Repair Systems. Each Fill N Fix xontains: 12 piece system (6 scratch fillers and 6 gouge fillers). Price: $10.00 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website:

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