Flow Form Pilates by Thane

What is Flow Form Pilates: It’s a complete body workout system that can help you get the results you want.


Flow Form Pilates is meant to help you do more than 60 exercises to work out different areas of your body and get into the shape of your life. Many of us have been trying to get into a fitness routine so that we can lose weight and get toned. But going to the gym is not an option in many instances and to work out different parts of your body you end up needing various types of equipment. However that’s not the case with Flow Form Pilates according to its claims as it turns out to be the one stop work out program for you.


Flow Form Pilates can help you do more than 60 exercises

This work out system has been created so that different parts of your body are worked out from your arms to shoulders and back, shoulders and glutes. Moreover those who are keen on building their core strength can work on it with the help of these exercises too. In fact Flow Form Pilates lets you perform more than 60 exercises thus you don’t have think about different equipment to work on several areas of your body.


Flow Form Pilates is convenient and comfortable for use

While it is so versatile it has also been designed keeping your comfort in mind. The cushion glide board in the Flow Form Pilates is meant to be one of its highlights. It doesn’t only let you perform your exercises easily but your comfort is looked after as well. Flow Form Pilates also has resistance bands that can let you customize your workout according to your preferences and requirements. And unlike other gym equipment you don’t have to struggle to install it because it comes preassembled in the box.


Flow Form Pilates is handy for use

Since it is whisper quiet, you will experience no nuisance while working out with it. It’s quite portable and you can store it easily too. Flow Form Pilates also comes with three calorie burning DVD workouts that make things easier. Exercise charts help you track your goals while there’s a 12 Day Slim Down Nutrition Plan to go with and get the results you want as well.


What do I get?
Get Flow Form Pilates for just: $199.80+ $29.95 p&h. Official website: DanozDirect.com.au

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  1. Where can I purchase the rebounder attachment and foot plate? I have done an internet search and they are not available any where. Thank you for your time.

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