Fly Free

Frees you of nasty flies without creating mess

Fly Free, as its manufacturers would have you to believe, is the first ever and only disposable fly trap that is discreet and yet powerful. It does its job of attracting and trapping flies so smartly that visitors won’t ever know that your garden has been invaded by flies. Fly Free is basically a fly trap designed like a decorative bag which captures flies and other insects and does not strew them around, making for a ghastly sight. It traps all dead insects inside which can be cleaned easily by disposing of them in a bin.



Quick and effective

According to the makers of Fly Free, it is a simple yet effective tool that helps people get rid of pests in garden quickly. It has been designed as a decorative bag with beautiful patterns all over it. It stays naturally camouflaged and starts working by luring pests toward it as soon as it’s hung up. The trap is filled with non-toxic, biodegradable bait they find hard to resist. Combined with it its tapered cone design, which the makers claim is smart enough as pests fly into it, but can’t fly out of. All this, it is assured, happens in a jiffy and with guaranteed results.



Works naturally, easy to clean up

Apparently Fly Free is not only easy to set up and operate but also easy to clean up. It can be hung on a branch of a tree where you need to wait only a little while to see the results. Instructions say that when Fly Free is full of pests, all you need to do to clear it is take it down and empty it in the trash. That way you or your guests don’t have to witness the messy site of dead pests at all.

Works really long

Fly Free makers assure you that it works for up to 45 days and keeps more than 20,000 pests away all through the summer.


What do I get?
2 Fly Frees for just $10 plus $13.90 P&H. Official website


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