Force Field Cloak REVIEW

What is Force Field Cloak?

As per the infomercial, it is a cloak that comes with fun patterns that glow in the dark to create a visual of a force field to help children fall fast asleep without fearing the dark.


Force Field Cloak Features

No fear – Force Field Cloak declares to be a synthetic duvet that comes with a glow-in-the-dark print to light up the night mildly. Such a mechanism alleges to be assuring and comforting for children who might have problems sleeping alone in the dark. Although there are no Force Field Cloak reviews available yet to validate its claims.

Comfortable Design – Force Field Cloak assures to be completely rechargeable using daylight or when exposed to a 100 W bulb for just under 20 minutes. More shall be revealed once users review it. Another advantage this cloak proclaims to have is its soft fabric that offers comfortable sleep and is completely machine washable. Also, this durable cloak emphasizes to come in 5 variants and colors to match the theme of the room or fit the children’s imagination. Even though Force Field Cloak sounds fascinating, we will know if it works for sure only once users send us their reviews for further analysis.

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