Fortune Builders

Real Estate Training Event

Fortune Builders is a free real estate training event that promises to teach you how to get started flipping real estate in your local area and how to find low-priced properties that you can buy and hold in order to increase your long term wealth.



Discounted Deals

The Fortune Builders event will show you how to utilize the real estate investing systems to buy and sell properties. These systems are currently being used very successfully by average people all around America. The Fortune Builders event will teach you how to find incredible under market real estate deals from time to time. You will also get to learn how you can purchase real estate in a self-directed retirement account.



Utilize Other People’s Money

Fortune Builders will also help you access the best properties if you are looking to buy and hold for cash flow purposes. You will also learn how to utilize other people’s money to finance your deals. There are lots of other people who have been to the event and have studied how to use other people’s money to finance their real estate projects. The event will show you exactly how this process works.


Great Opportunity

At the Fortune Builders event you will also learn why it is an absolutely fantastic time for investors if you are open minded and you are willing to put in a little effort. With just a little bit of training you can experience a life changing opportunity.



Network of Investors

At the Fortune Builders event you will get to meet and network with other investors in your area who are currently buying and selling real estate. If you are currently in real estate or even dabbling in real estate or are tired of watching other people make money in real estate then Fortune Builders is the place to be. This market and the opportunity in real estate will not last forever.


Limited Seating

Seating at this event and is based on the hotel rooms that are reserved. Ensure you get your tickets reserved right away before it’s too late.


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