Fridgee Stretchable Fridge Pocket

What is Fridgee? – It is a compact fridge pocket that creates space in fridge by stretching and holding a lot of stuff.


Smart way to utilise space in fridge

Fridgee is a fridge pocket that promises to make storing things in refrigerator simple and better. The makers of Fridgee are promoting it saying that it’s made of stretchable material, which makes it expand as you keep more and more items in it. That means you can conveniently store all the essential ingredients you want in one place in your refrigerator easily and can make the most of all the space you never imagined existed in your refrigerator.



Fridgee is easy to use

Fridgee aims to offer a whole lot of convenience to you as it can be fixed easily and removed as easily too. Fridgee is provided with suction to fix it up wherever you want it in your refrigerator. Its suction apparently cups to the side of your refrigerator easily so you can put it up and use it as per your requirement.


Designed to stretch open

Fridgee has a smart basket compartment design, which stretches open so that it can hold more items in it and make storing them in your fridge really convenient. If a fridge pocket can really work like that, you can keep your refrigerator really organized, uncluttered and neat.



Fridgee fits in anywhere

According to the promoter of Fridgee, it is compact and small enough to fit between the shelves of your refrigerator, inside it as well as on the door. It doesn’t stick out but stays in without interfering wherever you place it.


Easy to clean

You are assured that Fridgee is not only small and flexible but is also easy to clean. You can even put it in your dishwasher to wash it thoroughly without any risk of damage to it.


What do I get? Get Fridgee refrigerator pocket for just $10.00 + $15.90 P&H. Official website:


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