Fun Loom Bracelet Kit

Fun and easy do-it-yourself stretchy bands

With the Fun Loom Bracelet Kit around your kids will apparently never have a dull moment now. The original Fun Loom Bracelet Kit is a creation station that will let your kids make funky stretchy bands for wrists, fingers, hair, ankles and toes. The possibilities of making accessories with Fun Loom Bracelet Kit are endless as is claimed by the brand. You can supposedly make bracelets, belts, napkin holders, wrist bands, anklets, head bands and hair ties and many more creative things. Fun Loom Bracelet Kit is also believably easy to use. All you need to do is load the loom board with the colorful stretchy bands, flip the station and make a pattern by linking the bands with the help of the wand. Pop the band out and clip it up and you will apparently have the perfect stretchy band in your hands. It also claims to let you make it funkier by letting you add charms to give your personal touch to the bands.

It’s comfortable and durable

Unlike other bands that hurt and break your hair or pull at your skin, Fun Loom Bracelet Kit promises to let you make hassle free bands and give you utmost comfort level since they boast of being made of quality silicone bands that come off easily and also do not fade. Fun Loom Bracelet Kit also claims to be a lot more durable than any other bands/

For fun activities or pajama parties

The kit contains a loom board, a loom hook and 500 colorful bands, which are all usable and claim to be much brighter than other bands. You can supposedly take them apart and start all over again with a different pattern. The Fun Loom Bracelet Kit creation station claims to be so versatile that kids or even adults of any age can have fun with it at any time. They also make for great gifts or for activities and occasions like pajama parties or sleepovers.


  • 2 Loom Stations
  • 2 Loom Hooks
  • 1000 Colorful Bands
  • 50 C-Clips
  • 2 How To Guides

All this for just $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. Official website

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  1. Are normaly loom bands always hurt other people and is that right what we are saying and it makes me very upset when I knew all about it so much

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