Go Belt

What is Go Belt

– It is an expandable belt that claims to secure your valuables so that you can be completely hands free. Go Belt is a soft, multipurpose, light and spacious holder designed to be worn on the waist. It is a gear belt that you can use for marathons, triathlons, running races or just being active. It also makes a great travel belt to hold dozens of your items.


Go Belt is Simple and compact

Go Belt is light weight, comfortable, stretchy and fits all waists. It’s two zippered and the expandable pocket lets you carry your phone, cash and other things. The discreet design lets you hide your valuables. If you are tired of carrying a huge hand bag or having your pocket full all the time, Go Belt is the solution. Extra stretchy design fits all sizes from 24” to 40” waist sizes. Go belt is soft and stretchy and goes with you anywhere and everywhere. You can jump and run all day, even with the keys and phone it firmly stays in place. Go Belt is easily accessible and never bothers you. Working around the house, gardening, enjoying outdoors, walking the dog all your work can be done hands free with Go belt. It is easy to conceal. Go Belt is amazing for a hands free work out. Anything that requires two hands just gets a whole lot easier with Go Belt. It is a great belt with a lot of versatility. You will treasure your Go Belt and wearing it is both comfortable and fashionable too. It does not interfere with the comfort and freedom of movement.


Go Belt Features

Go Belt has two expandable pockets, the smaller pocket to hold your keys, cards and cash and the bigger one to carry your i phone or blackberry, passport, chapstick, tissues, torch and a whole lot of other handy items too. Go Belt is available in two colors: red and blue. It can be easily hidden and is a hands free security for your valuables. Go Belt serves the purpose and you will never regret buying it. No bounce or any other issues and you can barely feel it or remember it until you want to use your phone or chapstick. It can withstand onerous load and demanding work.

What do I get?

  • 2 Go Belts
  • 2 Go Wallets

All this for just: $10 + $11.98 S/h. Official website: GetGoBelt.com.


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