Gorilla Hose vs X Hose vs X Hose Pro

Compare What is it? Gorilla Hose vs X Hose vs X Hose Pro

What is Gorilla Hose? – Gorilla Hose is an amazing expandable garden hose that takes the problems of regular hoses and resolve it with an ingenious design that necessarily provides expandable function while in use but fits in a compact size.

What is X-Hose? – X Hose is an expandable hose which is designed to be perfectly suited for use in the garden. It comes in a very compact size that can be easily stored anywhere desired but it starts to expand once water starts to flow through it. In fact it can expand up to 3 times its original size.

What is X-Hose Pro – X Hose Pro takes what X Hose does and takes the original expanding hose to another level. It has the same compactness and 3 times expansion design but where it stands out is its sturdiness and material used which makes it last for a long time.


Compare Features and Benefits: Gorilla Hose vs X Hose vs X Hose Pro

Gorilla Hose Features and Benefits – It is lightweight and durable with tangle and kink-free features. It has expandable feature that stays true to its promise and contracts when not in use so that it can be easily stored. It also has a small switch near the nozzle that to shut the water and is threaded to attach custom nozzle too. It comes in 150ft size to help people with larger area to cover.

X-Hose Features and Benefits – It is very lightweight and weighs only around 1 pound making it easy to carry around by anyone. Another benefit of X Hose is that its supreme design makes it better so that it does not twist, tangle or kink. Though small in size it can easily handle high pressures of water. For storage, one can easily keep it on a shelf or inside a drawer. It is available in three sizes of 25ft, 50ft and 75ft.

X-Hose Pro Features and Benefits – It has a very good design that is kink, tangle and bend free. It does not have issues with handling high amount of water pressure thanks to its highly durable material. It also makes it break free and stand against normal wear and tear. It is also available in 3 sizes – 25ft, 50ft and 75ft.


Compare Construction: Gorilla Hose vs X Hose vs X Hose Pro

Gorilla Hose Construction – Gorilla Hose comes with solid brass ends which means there are no plastic fittings and problems of leaking that comes with them. Also it has indestructible double layer latex core which makes it better at holding under high-water pressure.

X-Hose Construction – X-Hose is created using two layers; the inner hose is made of multiple layers that expands easily when water flows through it. The exterior of the hose is made from highly durable folded webbing that does not tear or break making it last for a long time.

X-Hose Pro Construction – X-Hose Pro is very similar to X Hose when it comes to the inner and outer layer. The main difference though is the extra durability in the inner hose and much stronger outer webbing. It also has solid brass fittings place using the hydraulic compression method to ensure no leaks. Also it comes with a stabilizer collar for easy use when the hose is bent at the fitting.


Compare Warranty: Gorilla Hose vs X Hose vs X Hose Pro

Gorilla Hose – It comes with 12 month warranty over manufacturing defects.

X Hose – It has a 90-day money back guarantee.

X-Hose Pro – X Hose Pro has a 90-day money back guarantee.


Compare Pros/Cons: Gorilla Hose vs X Hose vs X Hose Pro

Gorilla Hose Review

One customer who used Gorilla Hose says that it works perfectly for a large backyard because of its 150ft length. The customer liked the quality of the hose when compared to other such hose. One other customer who reviewed Gorilla Hose reveals that the hose was very good at its functioning and is light for such a long hose. The compactness helps in stowing it easily. One customer who used Gorilla Hose found its lightweight design great for dragging around where needed. The expanding feature works every time. Also the addition of the little black switch to stop water flow right from the nozzle end was appreciated by the customer.

One customer who used Gorilla Hose complains that it is a bit heavier due to brass fittings. Also there were leakages at the fittings area. Plus the performance provided by it for the price it comes for was not worth it.


X-Hose Review

One customer who used X-Hose says that it looks pretty flimsy due to its plastic fittings and light weight but works extremely well. It is perfect to use with a garden faucet and suggests that a pressure washer shouldn’t be attached to the end as it may damage the hose due to higher PSI values. Other customer who reviewed X Hose says that it works very well for watering the garden and is very light to carry around even when water is flowing through it. Although the customer warns that the hose should be used by following proper instructions else it may not really work as promised.

One customer who used X Hose says that the fittings are made of plastics so care needs to be taken otherwise they will break easily. Other customer who reviewed X-Hose complains that chances are it does not really contract completely into its original size as promised. For more X Hose reviews see this page.


X-Hose Pro Review

One customer who used X Hose Pro says that it did perfectly work for some time and is light weight to use around for watering the lawn.

One customer who reviewed X Hose Pro complains that the hose did not work more than 2 weeks and the other one that was received as replacement blew up on the 2nd day itself. The customer found holes appearing on it which later exploded resulting in water all over the area. Other customer who used X Hose Pro also reveals similar issues about exploding body which resulted in customer getting soaked in water. Plus the customer says that there was a lot of trouble getting through a customer service representative. The company does not cover return postage which means for replacement one has to spend much more. One other customer who used X Hose Pro says that the hose split down the side in mere 10 minutes of use. Click here to read more X-Hose Pro by DAP reviews.

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  1. ordered 100 foot hose from amazon july 15 2015
    and it leaks at hose connection order107462376-6809048,$99.88

  2. I have 3 gorilla hoses and 2 of the 3 have burst. Useless product, We dont even have high water pressure where we live. The hoses just burst. At the expense they are clearly not worth the money

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