H2O X5+ Plus

What is H2O X5 Plus

– A 5-in-1 convenient, lightweight and powerful steam cleaning system that can sanitize and deodorize every surface in your home.
H2O X5 Plus claims to be the best steam cleaning machine for you if you are looking for something easy to use and lightweight to ditch the dirt and yet have a machine that is safe around your kids and pets. H2O X5 Plus is a powerful 5-in-1 steamer that can get rid of foul odor and sanitize your house conveniently and efficiently and clean every surface in your house.


Powerful continuous steam

H2O X5 Plus gives out continuous and variable steam. The microfiber bonnet lets you absorb more mess in a shorter time without the use of harmful chemicals. The powerful steamer takes just a few seconds to heats up and its force steam blasts away grime, dust and even stubborn grease. H2O X5 Plus is supposed to have 1300 watts of powerful heat that can easily penetrate deep into surfaces and even reach the difficult to reach corners that are left unclean by your regular mopping and sweeping tools. The powerful heat of H2O X5 Plus supposedly loosens the dirt while microfiber bonnet absorbs, lifts, and locks all the dust and grime without letting it transfer from one spot to another.


Versatile for cleaning all the surfaces

H2O X5 Plus is said to be the ideal choice for wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-ceiling cleaning whether it is floor, carpet, curtains, mattress, or pet mattress. You can apparently also use H2O X5 Plus as a handheld steamer to clean your kitchen counter. The adjustable nozzle and brush of H2O X5 Plus can forcefully blast away stains in the bathroom and washbasins. It believably also lets you polish mirrors, tubs and shower doors without leaving streaks.


Gets rid of undetected germs

You believably need just one easy step to clean as well as polish the surface with H2O X5 Plus. It claims to be so powerful that you can even get rid of germs and messes that go unnoticed by the naked eye. If the claims made by the steamer are to be believed then it kills 99.99% germs and prevents E.Coli, Salmonella and other such harmful organisms.


What do I get?

  • 1 H2O Mop X5
  • 1 Micro Fiber Cloth
  • 1 Carpet Glider
  • 1 Slim Nozzle
  • 1 Nylon Round Brush
  • 1 Wire Brush
  • 1 Extension Hose attachment
  • 1 Window Cleaner/Garment Steamer attachment
  • 1 Duster

All this for just $119.80 PLUS S/h. Official website Thane.ca

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  1. Has anyone tried the H2O X5+ any good? Is it any good?

    How does it differ from the original H20 X5 mop

    Is it safe to use on clothes?

    Would you recommend this product?

    What are the pros and cons of H2O X5 PLUS?

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