Hazuki Magnifying Glasses REVIEWS and Question/Answers

About Hazuki Magnifying Glasses

Hazuki Magnifying Glasses claims to be a pair of glasses that uses latest Optometric Technology to magnify hard-to-read texts by 160%. It provides protection against harmful UV rays and is resistant to Blue Light. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses alleges to be a solution for people with Presbyopia.



Hazuki Magnifying Glasses CLAIMS

Hazuki Magnifying Glasses states to magnify close-up activities such as sewing and reading with its 1.6 magnification lens. Its 1.32 magnification is great for using computers and laptops. Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once the product is reviewed. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses assures that its superior-quality lenses and panoramic vision enlarges texts in dim or low-light conditions. At this point of time there are no Hazuki Magnifying Glasses reviews to verify this claim.

Hazuki Magnifying Glasses guarantees to be virtually indestructible with its durable frame and lightweight for extended use. Its non-slip soft nose grip stops them from sliding down. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses promises to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. It also asserts to be resistant to Blue Light that comes from laptops, tablets, CFLs, and more. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses claims to be available in different colors, sizes, and lens style. Does it sound like it too good to be true? Hazuki Magnifying Glasses reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Hazuki Magnifying Glasses Review

Gerardo Cannon claims in his Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review that these glasses are made using cheap material and its arms break easily. He further states in his Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review that the nose piece came off and was to be glued for further use.

Another user, Connie Phelps, complains in her review that she couldn’t see through Hazuki Magnifying Glasses at all. Her review also says that Hazuki Magnifying Glasses isn’t comfortable to wear and nowhere as good as advertised.

A Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review by Flora Chambers calls it a flimsy and fragile pair of glasses. Her handles broke apart in the first week. Her other problem stated in Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review is that the nose piece is useless and the lens scratch way too easily. Overall she doesn’t recommend it to any other users.

A similar complains comes from Sara Johnson who also bought Hazuki Magnifying Glasses. Her review says that the glasses break after few uses. The quality of glasses and frame is bad and can even be painful to wear for people with large head.

Enrique Romero shows disappointment towards Hazuki Magnifying Glasses in his review. He reveals that the glasses if they are to be used over current eyeglasses. He failed to see anything clearly as promised.

One other user Simon Curry doubts in his review whether Hazuki Magnifying Glasses can magnify as much as it implies. As per his Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review it is very similar to regular reading glasses but only flimsier.

Another Hazuki Magnifying Glasses customer Cynthia White asserts in her review that the glasses are painful to wear doe to its small, rigid frame with short length of the earpiece. Her Hazuki Magnifying Glasses review also reveals that the lens gets scratched easily and the material of the overall frame is cheap.


Hazuki Magnifying Glasses Questions and Answers

Q. What is your opinion about Hazuki Magnifying Glasses?
A. These glasses are useless since the lenses are made using cheap plastic and fail to magnify or provide clarity while doing anything.

Q. Does Hazuki Magnifying Glasses come with a clip-on light?
A. No.

Q. Can Hazuki Magnifying Glasses be used to watch TV?
A. No, they do not perform well at all.

Q. What is so special about Hazuki Magnifying Glasses?
A. Hazuki Magnifying Glasses is a magnifying glass turned into a pair of glasses for easy use. The problem is the lenses on these glasses are not strong enough to magnify or sharpen anything.

Q. Is Hazuki Magnifying Glasses good for watching a small TV placed at a distance of 10 feet?
A. Not sure if it works to magnify small television screens well. But it does help people with macular degeneration for reading and do crossword puzzles. Be warned that the stems on the glasses are delicate and breaks easily.


What do I get?
Buy Hazuki Magnifying Glasses with Carry Case and Lens Cleaning Cloth for $119.85 + S/h at the Official website HazukiGlasses.com

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  1. Arselene Francis | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    Bought a pair and found that they did nothing for me. I could not see clearly through the lens even with my prescription lenses. I had to send them right back. It has been several weeks now and my refund has not been credited. It seems I might have to get on this. Hazuki should send the glasses to you for free and check at least a week later to see if they work for you, then charge your credit card at that time if they do and if not have you send them back ASAP.

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