Hot Buddy Warm Bottle

What is Hot Buddy?

– It is a hot water bottle that helps you alleviate pains and cramps and gives you heat that lasts for 6-8 hours .
Hot Buddy is supposed to be the classic hot water bag that has always helped one in soothing pains and cramps by giving warmth. Unlike regular hot water bags, Hot Buddy claims to not have problems like leakages and does not cool off as quickly. Hot Buddy is supposedly very easy to use too. You just need to fill it with hot or cold water, secure the nozzle and get its soothing benefits.


Soothing warmth for many problems

It’s commonplace to get aches and pains in our daily lives whether after playing sports or due to just stress. Hot Buddy promises to get rid of all such muscular soreness, tension or pain and aches easily. Even if you suffer from menstrual cramps you can believably get relief with this hot water bottle. A nice hot water bath is also good for relieving stress after a hard day’s work but if you are not up to running a hot bath you can apparently use Hot Buddy and beat stress. It is meant to give relief to arthritis patients with its natural heat therapy.


Holds heat much longer

Hot Buddy claims to be made of special thermoplastic, which is capable of holding heat for 6-8 hours unlike regular water bags that cool down quickly. Hot Buddy is supposedly odorless, recyclable and safe for usage so you drink hot water from it when you’ve flu. Unlike traditional hot water bottles, it has extra-large opening to prevent spills and a jointless neck that doesn’t let water leak out. It supposedly also has a machine washable cover.


Serves for outdoor activities like camping and skiing

Hot Buddy is supposed to have other benefits like warm comfort during chilly nights when you just sit holding it. Or keep it on your bed and use it as a warmer. Hot Buddy is also said to be ideal for camping, chilly RVs and campers. You can believably also use it for fishing and hunting to keep the toasty on water or snow or use it under our coat while skiing to heat right up.

What do I get?

2 Hot Buddy Warm Bottles and 2 sleeves for just $10 + $15.90 S&H. Official website:

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