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What is Hurricane Spin Scrubber

As per the infomercial it is a cordless, rechargeable power scrubber that provides easy cleaning of dirt, dust, soap scum and mildew by rotating at 300 scrubs per minute. Hurricane Spin Scrubber states to be a powerful scrubber that cuts through soap scum, mildew, grime and dirt with ease. Currently there are no Hurricane Spin Scrubber reviews made available that will prove its claims.


Hurricane Spin Scrubber Review

Kelly Peterson in her review mentions – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber worked 6 to 8 times and then it would not turn on even though it was fully charged. Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a total waste of money.”

Kelly Jones states in her review – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber has a poor design. It is awkward to hold. You have to hold the Hurricane Spin Scrubber with 2 hands to reach to top of the shower. The scrubber flies around if you apply any amount of tension. The big round brush is useless as only a portion of the ’round tip’ hits the tile.”

Rachael Freeman complains in her review – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is too heavy and stops when you apply only a little bit of pressure. The vibration will make your neck and upper back hurt. The “corner” brush is too big to go in the corner and the tip of it is too large too. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is not a good product to clean a tile shower.”

Jordan Lawrence in her review complains – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is extremely disappointing. The extension of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber is not stable enough to really put a little pressure down to clean soap scum off, etc. It only fastens in on one side of the shaft and feels as though it will fall apart any second when trying to hold the brush to the tub to scrub.”

Barbara Hill reveals in her review – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber spins around and splashes and sprays all over the place.”

Kimberly Murphy says in her review – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber works very well, but the brushes are rounded in such a way that they have little surface-area contact with the tub. So it takes an unnecessarily long time to use the Hurricane Spin Scrubber, even though the Hurricane Spin Scrubber does work well, and eventually, the tub does get clean. Flatter brushes would be a big plus.”

Brittany Ester states in her review – “After just two recharges, the Hurricane Spin Scrubber stopped working completely.”

Beth White reveals in her review – “The brushes are practically as hard as a wire brush and just scratches the shower walls. It’s very slow. It takes longer to use the Hurricane Spin Scrubber than to wipe down the shower. After fully charging the Hurricane Spin Scrubber before using and after the first time of use it was dead. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber wouldn’t connect to charge it back up.”

Garret Davis who reviewed the product reveals – “Using the Hurricane Spin Scrubber on showers/bathroom, it spins well with very little torque. Once you press down it stops moving. It just didn’t clean much. It is mainly good for light touch up duty but for anything caked up/soiled. It is best to use your hands with a scrubber. It probably would be best for those who cannot apply pressure and reach areas and to just get a mild cleaning.”

William Hayden – “The Hurricane Spin Scrubber needs more power to do the job quickly. Plus, if you don’t keep it plugged in, the charge dies and it isn’t ready when you need it. The brush heads have a rounded shape and are also too small causing it to clean less surface area and also taking more time.”

There is also missing information from the official website: product dimensions are missing, guaranty is not given, information about material is not given and information about which battery is used is not given.


Hurricane Spin Scrubber Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Hurricane Spin Scrubber clean well in corners like shower door corners?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber does not clean easily with the flat bottomed brush attachment but you can clean the corners by switching to the conical brush attachment. The brush works best if you don’t try to apply a lot of pressure. Just relax, control the handle and let the brush do the work and it does the job nicely.

Q. Is the Hurricane Spin Scrubber waterproof? I want to use it inside an aquarium.
A. It is recommended that water should not enter the motor area of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber.

Q. How long does the Hurricane Spin Scrubber take to charge again (after the initial 24-hour charge) and how long will it hold a charge between uses?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber holds a charge for about 6 to 8 uses. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber charge stays overnight.

Q. How long can the Hurricane Spin Scrubber scrub for on a full charge? How long does it take to get it fully charged before you can use it?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber has to be charged for 20 hours at first.

Q. What diameter is the large round brush?
A. It’s about 5 inches across at the widest part.

Q. How many brush heads does the Hurricane Spin Scrubber have?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber has two brushes, one with soft bristles and another with hard ones.

Q. What is the length of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber without the extension & what is the length of the extension?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is approximately 24″ long. The extension adds another 19″

Q. Do you have to apply your cleaner and water to the tub/walls before using the Hurricane Spin Scrubber or does the water come through the scrubber?
A. Spray the cleaner in the tub and on the walls. The water does not come through the scrubber.

Q. Is the pole metal or plastic?
A. The top and bottom portions are plastic and the middle section is metal.

Q. Does the Hurricane Spin Scrubber work on block tile on floors and shower walls?
A. It does, it worked on tiles walls in the shower and was great on the tub floor. It is very easy to handle.

Q. Will the Hurricane Spin Scrubber scratch fiberglass or cultured marble?
A. Using it a number of times have not caused any scratches on any the regular bathroom surfaces. There are two heads, one is softer and the other harder. Do not press hard, just let the machine work.

Q. Can the Hurricane Spin Scrubber be used on a new Kohler acrylic bathtub?
A. The bristles are stiff and might scratch an acrylic surface in my opinion.

Q. Are the bristles flimsy or stiff?
A. Neither flimsy nor terribly stiff, but it does the job.

Q. How many brushes come with the package?
A. Two brushes, a large one for regular jobs and a small cone-shaped one for corners and grout.

Q. Is the Hurricane Spin Scrubber very noisy? For example, would it wake a child sleeping in another room?
A. The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is almost as loud as a hairdryer.


Hurricane Spin Scrubber CLAIMS

Powerful scrubber – Hurricane Spin Scrubber guarantees that it does its job with ease with the help of a rotating brush head that performs cleaning at 300 scrubs per minute. Its design ensures that anyone can simply hold it in position and achieve high-class cleaning in no time. Whether or not Hurricane Spin Scrubber provides such amazing cleaning will be known once users review it.

Exceptional design – Hurricane Spin Scrubber promises to be easy to use and is designed with a comfortable handle that doesn’t vibrate while it rotates. It’s perfect for use by people with arthritis. Hurricane Spin Scrubber guarantees to remove dirt and grime with using harsh or abrasive chemicals inside the bathroom sink, glass, mirror and more places indoors and outdoors. Hurricane Spin Scrubber’s claims will be verified further with user reviews. Hurricane Spin Scrubber maintains to be highly flexible with its cordless and rechargeable design. Plus the use of flexible bristles helps in cleaning deeper into cracks and crevices. Does Hurricane Spin Scrubber really do all the cleaning chores for you? Send us your Hurricane Spin Scrubber reviews.


What do I get?
You will get Hurricane Spin Scrubber for $39.99 plus $9.99 S&H. | Official website:

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  1. What about the upgraded motor? The web site only says stronger but no other information. More rpm? Able to handle more pressure? What is the upgrade and why does it have a lifetime warranty?

  2. I try to buy the upgrade model about 6 month ago for about $54.00 and they kept changing the delivery date after three months I received a phone call that they had cancel my order. I return their phone call and was told to try and reorder the item in about two weeks. I think they advertised something that they didn’t have or was on the drawing board. I though the law states you cannot advertise something you don’t have.

  3. This product is junk and not worth the money they charge for it.

  4. Sandra Blankenship | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    After 24 hours of charging does the Hurricane Spin Brush red light go out? How do you know when it is fully charged.

  5. So far I’m still on the fence. For someone with back problems anything that cleans without needing to bend over is something you should at least try. I used it first in the shower to clean lime scale from glass doors (using CLR) and my first impressiom was “I wish it was more powerful”. It did an ok job. Cleaning tile floors in the bathroom was much easier with this tool, especially at the bottom of and behind the toilet, so that part is great. But my favorite application is cleaning baseboards without bending.
    So i would recommend this product as long as you’re not expecting anything too powerful. It’s great for everyday cleaning but for deep cleaning it’s still better to do it by hand and elbow grease.

  6. The documentation “implies” that the light goes off after charging, however, I believe that the red charging never goes off. I bought one, charged it for 30 hours – then took it back for a replacement. The second one was just the same.

    • Alma Luisa Triminio | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      Mine is the same. I bought it yesterday 01/10/17 and is been charging almost 24 hours and the red light still on 😑

  7. How do I remove the brush???

  8. I placed my order 2 months ago off their website and I am still waiting. Tracking says it is in transit this last month !!! Never will I purchase from them again !!! Could not understand customer service – I only speak English !! Stay away from ordering from them direct. They only got a 1 because I of course can not rate the product if it never comes !!!

    • Just wait till they send you the wrong model ..

    • Josephine Fort Myers, FL | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      I ordered it online but then saw it at Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond. I cancelled the order and bought it at BB & B with a coupon I paid $31.00 for it.
      I’m sure you got your already. Both of these stores sell things you see on TV.

  9. Can you keep the scrubber plugged in when not in use?

  10. carolyn gillette | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    It seems to do ok works on tile if i just use it for the tlle and tub it should be ok its a little awkard but we will see how long it last

  11. Item itself so far is great but the battery was not holding a charge. Frustrating but figured I could call and easy, peasy, they’d send a new battery. How wrong was I… Customer service is a JOKE!!! Shipping a whole new one (3-6 weeks) and that’s after waiting over a month for the first shipment. Ordered 2 so I’m waiting for the recipient to try theirs to see if that’s an issue too. Guy couldn’t do anything to compensate such as expedite shipping since they sent defective product. Who knows if the next will work. Couldn’t provide an order number for or or even take the initiative to provide one the next day. Nope, I have to call if I want something that should be standard. The original purchase emailed me the order numbet, but not an email to indicate a ship date. This was over the holidays and while I was in the hospital, so I had to hope it wasn’t sitting on my doorstep waiting to be stolen or showing the world I wasn’t home. Customer service had no interest in providing these complaints to anyone so that they could be considered in future policy amendments. Additionally,.their website had no way to review or provide feedback. That should have been my first clue. Never order online from someone you can’t review!

  12. Do not buy from this company, they represent a bunch of telemarketing businesses. You will get numerous calls trying to sell you jewelry and other crap. They also use that “Can you hear me?” scam where they record your “yes” response and say they had your agreement to send you stuff. Run away.

  13. I bought two of the scrubbers and took two back. After charging for 20 hours both stopped working in under a minute. Instead of 60 minutes I got 60 seconds. Don’t waste your money

  14. This thing is like a little tinker toy. STAY AWAY!!

  15. Well I guess I am in the same boat, bought from a girl on Fb it worked great one time, and I loved it I thought it did great, but the next time I went to use it DEAD as a door nail I have tried to charge it but it will not take a charge. I tried to contract them and told them my story in my request and they come back with all this stuff send me a receipt and only if it hasten been over 60 days like they never read my request if they did they know I didn’t have a receipt these things must have a major flaw with this many complaints

  16. Hello,
    If you put it to charge on OFF, does the light simply stays red or blinks? Does anyone know if the red led is blinking?

  17. Hello,
    If you put it to charge on OFF, does the light simply stay red or blinks? Does anyone know if the red led is blinking?

  18. OMG. This is the best product ever. No more hands and knees and rubber gloves for the grout in tile floors. Don’t press hard, it will do the job. The maids never clean really well and certainly don’t do the grout. This is superb. A friend told me about this when I told her I was spending the weekend on the floors. I jumped in the car to see if b b + b had it and snatched it up. Plus had the 20% off coupon. I love this tool. Simple light weight . With no effort ..but it takes a little time as you go back and forth over the grout. EASY breezy

  19. My 1st one didn’t charge. I bitched until they sent another one. It’s now been charging for over 24 hours. The light is still red and when I try to turn it on, I get NOTHING. I am so freaking frustrated. Their customer service is a joke. I am so ready to throw this thing at them. I’m freaking disabled and so I needed this to help me clean. Calling them is not an option, I keep getting disconnected. I am about to send an email to my news guy that goes after companies for doing b/s like this! Arg.

    • I had the same issue with my first one I bought. I let it charge for at least 24 hours. I never read in the instructions that the light would remain red. I expected the light to go out or turn green. I would try to turn it on, but no power, so I would let it charge a little while longer. I finally took it back to the store where I bought it & they refunded my money. They were supposed to get some more in, so I went back in 2 days & bought another one. I thought the first one was a “dud”. The 2nd one did the same thing. I tried calling customer service during the weekend, but they weren’t there at the time I called. I just talked to them on Monday. I asked to speak to someone who spoke English, but he refused to let me. He said he couldn’t transfer me. I tried to explain the problem & his solution was that the red light never goes out. You have to connect the different pieces until you hear a clicking sound & then it will work. I refused to order one through them & give them my credit card info. But I’m getting tired of driving a total of 14 miles each time to buy this & then have to return it because it doesn’t work. I guess LESSON LEARNED!!

  20. I just got mine yesterday and I have put it on to charge the button at off .I have only charged mine for about 4/5 hour but my light went to green is this normal

  21. As anyone will know nowadays a NiCd battery needs to be fully discharged before recharging, a NiMH doesn’t. Failure to do this will cause the NiCd to develope a memory and only hold a small useless charge. That is why NiCd are cheap. li ion batteries are better still but again pricier and need a specialised charger, any product that utilises a NiCd battery must therefore be classified as no good, people will want to keep it charged and therefore render the battery useless. This is before the product even gets a test. Sorry, but cannot get a good rating even if the cleaner is good for the first use.

  22. This a peace of junk. I used it twice and it will not hold a charge at all.

  23. Recently got mine, used it once under 60 minutes but now it won’t work even charging it as per instructions. I want a refund!!!

  24. Johnny Permenter | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    Where can I purchase a replacement battery for my Hurricane scrubber?

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