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About Instant Moon

Instant Moon is an LED night light that shows the moon in its various lunar phases. This moon-shaped LED night light has a textured surface through which light shines through making it look just like the moon in the sky. It comes with a remote control which you can use to project the different phases of the moon in various colors. Instant Moon emits a soft glow.

The different phases of the moon in Instant Moon include the crescent moon, half moon, three-quarter moon, and full moon. The colors of the moon are projected in white, orange and blue. Instant moon has an automatic energy saving sleep timer as well.

You can hang Instant Moon on a wall and control it via the remote control. It is easy to operate. Turn it on, choose the color of the moon and move to the phase of the moon you choose to view.



Instant Moon Questions and Answers

Q. How bright is Instant Moon?
A. It is not bright enough to be a main light.

Q. Is the glow whiteish or blueish?
A. It is more white than blue.

Q. How many batteries does the Instant Moon require?
A. The product description states 4 AA batteries and 2 AAA each.

Q. Is there an option for the moon to stay on continuously all night?
A. It does not seem to have that option. It goes off automatically after about 20 or 30 minutes.

Q. Does it play any music like the Uncle Milton’s Jr. moon?
A. Not sure.

Q. Does it automatically change the phases of the moon to match the actual phases?
A. No. It does not. You can change it with the remote control to match it.

Q. What is Instant Moon made of?
A. Plastic

Q. Is it an LED?
A. The lights are LED. It is battery operated, with an input for a cord. It has multiple light up angles on the moon face.

Q. How is it hung on the wall? Should a hook be bought separately?
A. There is an area on the back of it that fits a nail perfectly.

Q. Can Instant Moon hang on the ceiling?
A. It is not recommended. It needs to lean against something.

Q. Does it glow in the dark?
A. No. It does not.

Q. How heavy is it?
A. It is super light. Probably under .5 lb. You can hand it on a small nail.

Q. Does Instant Moon have an eclipse mode?
A. It cycles through the moon phases. It is not technically an eclipse.


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Instant Moon Review

One user reported that Instant Moon does not light up. There are lines where it changes phases and small shadows, but only up close. If you don’t have the remote, you can turn Instant Moon off using the small switch behind the moon, which is inconvenient if it is wall mounted.

Instant Moon automatically turns off after 30 minutes. More settings would have been ideal. Also, it does not automatically match the actual moon’s phases. Though for the price of an inexpensive item, recreating the actual current moon phase cannot be expected. It cycles through each phase every 5 seconds, so the novelty could wear off quickly.

Although the different phases of the moon are displayed, waxing and waning, only one of them seems to be realistic – crescent moon. The other phases on Instant Moon show a sharp division where dimmer lights from the other phases can be seen. For example, even though the last quarter was bright, the division between the last quarter and half can been seen. It can be distracting.

Some users reported a bright spot in the middle of Instant Moon for the phases of the moon between half and full moon. The uneven illumination is not appealing.


Instant Moon Verdict

Before anything else know that Instant Moon is not one of its kind product, there are many similar products outsmarting each other all along. You can find Instant Moon on the official website for $14.99 and that too two of it.

The product seems interesting and luring the customers with its specification but the point is, is it worth the buy? Its not always that the price matters and even though Instant Moon is way cheaper than many of its competitors it is the quality of the product where they failed to deliver. You can always look for more options on for similar kind of products that may be better than the one we are considering.

We recommend you to go for Moon In My Room instead of Instant Moon. You can find Moon In My Room on for $24.48 which is priced more than Instant Moon but what really matters is that Moon In My Room worth the buy considering its popularity and the reviews. It has received on an average 4.5 star ratings out of 5 with 2424 customer reviews which helps in understanding the working of the product from the actual buyers which is more genuine source of knowing any product. Both are having almost the same specifications but Moon In My Room has an edge over Instant Moon and so is our choice in this category.

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