JuiceMax Juicer

What is JuiceMax Juicer?
JuiceMax Juicer is a cold press juicer that preserves essential nutrients in fruits
and vegetables.Using the cold press juicing technology, JuiceMax Cold Press Juicer promises to use a unique mastication process that squeezes juice out of leafy green
vegetables, fruits, nuts and other vegetables to make fresh juice right in your home.
JuiceMax Juicer squeezes out more juice (up to 40% more) than conventional
juicers from the same quantity of fruits, vegetables and greens, according to its
claims. This way there is more juice and less wasted pulp.You can enjoy better taste with much less waste in addition to receiving additional nutritional benefits.



Features of JuiceMax Cold Press Juicer

The cold press juicer uses 150 watts of maximum power. It has a dual-stage juicing system with auto pulp-ejection for continuous juicing. It also has a reverse mode. The heat buildup is supposed to be minimum, leading to healthier results, it claims. In addition, it has an auto cleaning system that wipes the screen clean. This improves efficiency. The over sized spout is handy to pour out the juice easily.The JuiceMax Juicer comes with accessories that include two 34-ounce juicing cups, fine screens, cleaning brush and tamper. A pusher is included that is useful to put ingredients into the juicer jar.
It takes up less space on your kitchen counter owing to its small, vertical design. Using it is easy. It has 3 settings: On, Off and Reverse. It is child friendly too.



Delicious juice – a healthy alternate

The JuiceMax Juicer claims to be a fun and creative way to get vitamins and nutrients into your system. It serves up more juice, or so it claims. It promises tobe simple and easy to use. Cleaning it is easy too.High speed spinning can create heat that destroys nutrients. JuiceMax Juicer creates high nutrient value. With cold press, juice is squeezed instead of being ground thus retaining color, natural taste and as much vitamins and nutrients
possible. It has one juicing screw that compresses, crushes and squeezes the juice out of vegetables and fruits.


What do I get? Price
One JuiceMax Juicer
Price – $399 S&H not available
Official website juicemax.com


JuiceMax Juicer video
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