Kick It Phone Kickstand

Kick It Phone Kickstand

Kick It Phone Stand – the ‘best’ way of holding your phone

Some manufacturers are smart and launch innovative products with great fanfare. Kick It Phone Stand is one such instance which its makers are introducing smartly so that you are compelled to think that your phone will be the safest with it. The phone stand, according to the makers, grips to any phone or case so that you aren’t tired of holding it all the time. It offers the vertical and horizontal standing ability of five positions to your phone as it is designed to balance itself perfectly. All you need to do is peel it and attach it to any phone or case for it to hold your phone the way you want it to.



Hands free device with proficient features

Kick It Phone Stand guarantees that it holds your phone tight enough to become one with it. It grips your phone so well that you won’t even realize it’s there, and yet know that it’s perfectly safe on you. It features an incredibly strong grip every time you need it.  The phone stand is also able to ungrip as many times as you want. Kick It is, according to the manufacturers, interchangeable between all phones and can be used even for a mini tablet.



Designed to enable multiple functions

The manufacturers promise you that Kick It Phone Stand is able to switch between several functions including chat, video, movies, reading, self-portraits, photo slide shows, games and more. It is light and smooth, which allows it to be flexible while standing in five different positions without any risk of fall. If you want to own a phone stand of this stature, you may try Kick It Phone Stand out.



What do I get?

  • 1 Kick It Phone Kickstand
  • 1 Grip Pad

All this for just $20.00. Official website


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