Kite Shield REVIEW

About Kite Shield – Kite Shield maintains to be a patent pending mosquito repellent that is DEET-free and provides up to four hours of protection from mosquitoes.



How does Kite Shield work?
Just spray and spread Kite Shield on your skin to get instant protection from mosquitoes. It claims to have a formula that targets mosquitoes’ sensing receptors that leads them to the food source. The blend of botanical active ingredients of Kite Shield confuses these receptors and creates a protective shield on the skin.


An effective mosquito repellent – Kite Shield declares to be an extremely effective mosquito repellent that needs to be sprayed on the skin for instant protection. It assures to give you four hours of protection from mosquito bites. There are no Kite Shield user reviews to reveal the truth yet. Kite Shield proclaims that you can explore the outdoors confidently by spraying this as it will protect you efficiently. Let’s wait for user reviews to corroborate this.


Safe for the Skin and Environment – Kite Shield proclaims that it is made from active botanical ingredient and is toxins, harmful chemicals, and DEET-free and hence safe for you and the environment. It states to be dermatologist-tested to be safe for the skin. Kite Shield user reviews will reveal the truth.


What do I get?
Kite Shield Mosquito Repellent for $20 at the Official website:

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