Kurio 7S

What is Kurio 7S
It is a new and improved Android tablet that is perfect for the entire family.
Kurio 7S has been specially created and designed to ensure that your kids can make the most out of it while you have much needed peace of mind when they are using it. Tablets have opened a whole new world for kids, who stand to gain a lot from them. But safety and control are some of the issues that parents grapple with often. However Kurio 7S claims to have taken the design to a whole new level while it combines advanced features and unique tools so that it can be easily customized for parental control.


Kurio 7S is like eight tablets rolled into one

The parental control offered by this Android 4.2 tablet is said to be one of its highlights. The parental area is easy to use and allows you to set eight different profiles. Each of these profiles can have advanced web content filtering and internet security levels, which means your kids can surf the web without coming across any inappropriate content.
For starters this parental area of Kurio 7S is password protected, assuring you much needed peace of mine. Moreover parents can also set time limits for different profiles, set access to different apps and control information, which can be modified when children get older. Thus it offers parents a lot of flexibility while children get a whole lot of information from it.



Kurio 7S has proprietary software for web filtering

And that itself can cover more than 450 million websites in 170 different languages. These settings can be adjusted based on every child’s needs and your specific requirements. Parents who want to block certain websites can do just that with the help of the simple block option. There are also safe lists that allow kids to access approved sites, keeping you on top of things.


Kurio 7S is packed with premium content for kids

From Disney content to apps like Angry Bird Space and Fruit Ninja that kids love, there are 60 preloaded apps in this tablet. Thousands of other apps can be downloaded from the Android store and it’s also Skype, YouTube and Netflix compatible. Kids and parents can not only read e-books but watch videos, listen to music, take photos and shoot videos as well.



Kurio 7S is packed with many other features

Parents can use the sleek Android system too by accessing the parental area. It has a high-resolution, ultra-responsive 7” capacitive touchscreen that is perfect for gaming and watching movies as well. Wi-Fi, HD video player, music player, e-reader, two built-in cameras, HDMI port for connecting to TV, 8GB of internal memory (extendable up to 40GB), integrated microphone, and a fast, Multi-Core processor are some of the other power packed features of this tablet.
A protective Silicone bumper that has been specially designed ensures that Kurio 7S is protected from drops and shocks, making it safe for use by kids.
Kurio 7S claims to be safe, fast and easy to use for the entire family.


What do I get ? Price
One Kurio 7S Tablet
Price – One single payment of $149.97. Free shipping
3 Payments of $49.99 with shipping
Official website kurio7s.com


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