LeafFilter Gutter REVIEW

About LeafFilter Gutter Protection System

Gutters are an important part of your home, designed to prevent water related issues and damages, but gutters are prone to getting clogged with leaves, pine needle and other debris. This can hamper the functionality of the gutters to effectively channel water away from the foundation of your house. Clogged Gutters can cause serious and costly home damage.


LeafFilter claims to provide a permanent solution to clogged gutters. The manufacturer claims that LeafFilter is scientifically designed to keep everything out of your gutter except for water. The secret is the the 3-piece solution of the LeafFilter – 1. Micro Mesh Filter that supposedly never rusts or corrodes and will keep out the smallest of debris. 2. Durable uPVC frame that can handle the most extreme temperatures. 3. Strong and re-enforced internal hanger to secure your entire LeafFilter Gutter System.

Installation – The Installation of the LeafFilter is carried out by the professional installers from the Manufacturer (leaffilter.com).

Warranty – LeafFilter comes with a TRANSFERABLE Lifetime Warranty.


LeafFilter Gutter System REVIEW

The biggest advantage of the LeafFilter gutter system is that it is installed by the professionally trained installers. This is important because most of the complaints regarding such gutter system are associated with the installation, many customers have had issues with installing such gutter systems.

Most customers who used LeafFilter are satisfied with the product. It is well-made, robust and can take the beating from the nature and still do its job, though it has got its own limitations, LeafFilter Gutter System works better than others.

The one downside of the LeafFilter mesh gutter system is that it cannot handle heavy rain, the water will run off the top. The issue will worsen if you leave in cold temperature climate – the icicles from the freezing rain will block the holes of the micromesh forming ice dams and making the water run from all over the top.

The LeafFilter will not work as expected in such climates and you will need bigger gutters.

The LeafFilter gutter system also cannot handle the New England pine needles, they get stuck in the micromesh and blocks them. They have to be removed by hand.

The Leaf-filter’s mesh is somewhat flimsy so make sure you don’t put pressure on the mesh.


How is Leaf Filter Better?

LeafFilter is an completely enclosed system made up of durable, long-lasting materials thus keeps out all debris permanently eliminating the need for gutter cleaning. In addition it is installed at the optimal angle to handle as much water as your open gutters, while effectively shedding debris protecting the house from unwanted damage. Thus making LeafFilter standout among all other kinds of gutter guards. LeafFilter also provides the service of gutter cleaning, sealing, realignment, and reinforcement along with installation which is not done by any other.

LeafFilter also works in existing gutters and in harsh weather, protects against pests, insects, and other creatures. LeafFilter comes with Lifetime Transferable warranty. Owning to all the above features and benefits LeafFilter is said to be the perfect solution for Gutter protection and clog free gutters.



LeafFilter Features

Gutters are the essential part of the house they help prevent serious and costly water related damages and thus needs to be designed in a way that it is effective in its work and does not clog gutters.

Fortunately leaf filters provides permanent solution to clog gutters. It consists of the following features that are effective in keeping your gutters clog free:

  • Leaf filter is scientifically designed consisting of 3 piece solution having:
  • Micro mesh filter that will never rust or corrode and keep out smallest of debris
  • Durable Upvc frame that can handle extreme temperatures
  • Strong reinforced internal hangers to secure your entire gutter system
  • In addition leaf filter sends their professional installers to look that the gutters are sealed, fixed properly and in optimal shape prior to installing leaf filter.
  • Another plus point is that leaf filter can be installed on new or any existing gutter thus is cost effective.
  • Leaf filter provide lifetime, transferable warranty.

  • Our Verdict

    LeafFilter is not the only micro-mesh gutter system available in the market. There are similar gutter systems which are exactly similar to the LeafFilter, like the A-M Aluminum Gutter Guard, LeafsOut – to name a few. So why do we recommend the LeafFilter? – the biggest issue (what ever small issues they have) comes when you want to install these gutter systems, improper installation can have adverse effect on the functionality and usability of the gutter system. This hassle is totally eliminated by LeafFilter as the installation is done by their trained professionals.


    Where to buy LeafFilter?
    Check the official website LeafFilter.com

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