Liberty Wristband REVIEW

What is Liberty Wristband?

Do you wish to be hands free yet have control of your dog when you are walking him? Now there is an easy way to free your hands and secure your dog while you walk your dog. Here’s introducing the Liberty Wristband, the most practical, safe and convenient solution to walk your dog. Liberty Wristband is a handy and comfortable wristband that provides a strong and secure tether for your dog.



Liberty Wristband CLAIMS

The Liberty Wristband works with almost any size dog and any size leash. With the Liberty Wristband in your hand you can get your hands back while walking your dog! Your dog will always be safe and secure so you can relax and enjoy your walk.

Strong and Secure – The Liberty Wristband is strong and stays put it place! Though they do not mention what pressure can it handle.

Reduces strain and pressure – When you grip a leash there is an enormous amount of pressure and strain on your wrist, but with the Liberty Wristband in your hand it eliminates all the strain and pressure on your wrist.

Colors available – Liberty Wristbands are available in two colors: black and blue.


Liberty Wristband Questions and Answers

Q. What is the smallest wrist size that the Liberty Wristband will fit securely?
A. The Liberty Wristband will close tightly and securely around a wrist as small as 2″ in diameter or 4.5″ around the wrist.

Q. Does the Liberty Wristband work with the flexi retractable leash or does it just hold on to a simple straight leash without a handle?
A. It has not been tried with a retractable leash, but it may not work on a retractable leash. It works with a regular straight leash with a handle. It has to have a handle (loop to lock it in).

Q. What are the wrist measurements?
A. The Liberty Wristband will close securely for a very snug fit around wrists as small as 6 3/4″.


Liberty Wristband REVIEW

Most of the time the Liberty Wristband works as advertised and is a great product.

Following are excerpts from a user’s Liberty Wristband reviews:

“After using the Liberty Wristband 50 times, the quick release stopped working or – worse – that no matter how hard you push down on the clamp to reattach the leash, it just won’t clip in. If you pull the quick release, lower replace the clip into place and then release the quick release, it seems good to go – for the next 49 times.”

“The Liberty Wristband is really too big for the wrist so if you have unusually small wrists (< 6") then the Liberty Wristband won’t work for you. It would have been great if the Liberty Wristband came in at least two sizes. As it is, if you make it as tight as it will go, it still slides around on the wrist more than you need. There is so much strap left that it interferes with the clip."

“While using the Liberty Wristband you may end up cutting your thumb on the sharp bit of metal while attempting to clip the leash in.”

“You may find it better to return the Liberty Wristband for a refund. The Liberty Wristband deserves a one star rating.”


What do I get?
Buy Liberty Wristband in Black or Blue for $29.95 + $6.95 S&H at the Official website: | Order the Liberty Wristband today and start walking your dog hands-free!

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