Lock Loops Curlers

What is Lock Loops -They are notch-locking hair curling system that just need to wrapped, looped and locked to get bouncy curls


Lock Loops are a hair curling system that promise to give you the perfect set of bouncy curls easily with their special looping and locking design. Curling hair is known to be a cumbersome and uncomfortable job. Typically, methods like perm rods, iron curlers or sponge rollers take hours to curl and damage your hair. But Lock Loops claims to eliminate all such problems.


Easy and Quick Curling

Lock Loops are said to be very easy to use and give you curled hair quickly. All you’ve got to do is part your hair into small sections, spritz, and wrap, lock and loop each section with Lock Loops and take them off when your hair dries to get bouncy curls. Because of the ease of use they are said to be ideal for any age of girls.


Soft, Cafe and Comfortable

Hair curling irons can damage your hair because of the heat, perming rods and rollers are very hard and often break your hair. And if you sleep in them then you will wake up with a hurting head. But Lock Loops claims to cause no such problem because they are made of medical-grade closed-cell polyethylene foam that very soft. You can supposedly sleep in Lock Loops with absolutely no discomfort and wake up with a full set of curled hair. You can also forget about wires and heat of iron curlers. Unlike traditional rollers and rods that keep slipping out, Lock Loops are meant to stay in place because of their unique notch-lock system. They can apparently also be used over and over again.


Durable and Longer Lasting Curls

Lock Loops is supposed to be a lot tougher and more durable than curling rods or rollers and can easily endure the heat of hairdryers. They are also supposedly so strong that they benefit all kinds of hair – even if you have very long and thick hair. You can use them on braids, loose, thick, medium, or fine hair. The curls done by Lock Loops also last longer so you do not need to curl your hair frequently.


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