Magic Erase Makeup Remover

What is Magic Erase: It is a makeup remover that will help you get over the mishaps that happen while applying makeup.


Magic Erase means you can ensure that applying makeup perfectly and looking at your best is always possible, according to its claims. Do you have to deal with mascara that runs and can be a nuisance to clean up? Do you end up taking off the foundation and surrounding makeup while you are getting rid of the smudges? Are you tired of regular makeup removers that leave a residue, which makes it difficult to reapply makeup? Magic Erase claims to offer you solutions to all these problems and a lot more.


Magic Erase is said to be effective even on waterproof makeup

Now looking at your best for every occasion is possible with this eraser that can also remove the toughest, waterproof mascara, according to its claims. Magic Erase has a formula that is meant to be gentle on your skin and is also responsible for getting rid of all kinds of makeup; from lip gloss to liquid foundations, bronzers to cream brushes and powders. What’s more; it doesn’t irritate your skin while doing so.


Magic Erase does the job with precision

That’s because of the extra fine tip this eraser has. It glides easily on the area that needs to be cleared of any kind of makeup and helps you do the job with precision. It can be used in case makeup is running down your face or the mascara is ruining your look. Another highlight of Magic Erase is the fact that it releases just the right amount of cleaner every single time. Hence it promises to offer you the perfect fix for every occasion.


Magic Erase has been created for your convenience

While it’s effective and efficient, it’s also been designed for your convenience. Its sleek and slender packaging means it can be carried with you for on the go touch-ups. You can simply slip Magic Erase into your purse and let it do the job for you whenever you want, wherever you are.


Getting that perfect makeup fast is now said to be easy with the help of Magic Erase.


What do I get?Get 2 Magic Erase Makeup Removers for just $10 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website:

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  1. Has anyone tried this product? does it really work?

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