Mattress Wedge

Mattress Wedge

Claims to pack off your worries while sleeping

Mattress Wedge has been launched as the perfect solution that closes the gap between the headboard or wall and bed. It is designed as an extended bedding solution that stretches across the head of a bed and can be inserted between the bed and the wall to prevent things from falling. Mattress Wedge makes pillows stay where they are and not fall under the bed, which they invariably do. In addition to that, it safeguards several things one keeps by the bed such as mobile phones, remotes, books, kids’ toys and other articles which can slip through the gap easily.



Easy to use, offers great features and convenience

Mattress Wedge is an award-winning innovation that guarantees to relieve you of all the hassles you face while sleeping. It is, as its makers say, specially designed to fit any size bed and ensure open space is packed completely. It aims to save you the trouble of digging in the cracks to pull things out. It snuggles neatly between the gaps and doesn’t pose obstructions as your pillows remain even and steady. According to the makers, it is made of high density comfort foam and has a sturdy, lightweight design. It also features side pockets in which you can store things for the time being and avoid misplacing them. Its designers say that it can also be placed between two beds to make it even to pack the gap between split beds.



Easy to maintain

Mattress Wedge supposedly stays cool in the summer and warm in the cold. It’s made of 100% pure cotton cover and is machine washable, making it easy to use and maintain. Since it’s made of foam, it is lightweight and so easy to carry around and use.

What do I get?

  • 2 Mattress Wedges
  • 2 Pillow Cases
  • 2 Storage Pockets

Price: TWIN: $19.95 + $19.90 p&h | FULL/QUEEN: $29.95 + $19.90 p&h | KING/CAL KING: $39.95 + $19.90 p&h
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