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What is Mighty Hold
It’s a big clip with a handle meant to help you hold bags and carry them tightly.Mighty Hold is said to be the easy way of carrying bags without having to worry about the back strain. How often have you walked back home with a bag of your shopping and suffered strain on your back in the process? You can’t even get hold of them securely, which means you are worried about dropping and breaking things in them. But Mighty Hold claims to ensure that you can hold your bags tightly and securely wherever you go.



Mighty Hold: A safe way to carry bags

Are you worried about lugging home your shopping bags or those from the grocery store from that matter? It can be a huge hassle not to mention the strain on your back, which can have a long term effect on its health as well. Why put yourself through all the effort when Mighty Hold, with its clip and handle claims to offer you a safe way to carry heavy bags and without any back strain?


Mighty Hold has been specially designed

It has been created to work with big bags that cannot be resealed, according to its claims. It’s not only heavy duty but also 12 inches wide and that’s the reason it can tightly secure bags and there are no spills in the process. Mighty Hold, because of its sturdy handles seems to have its advantages when it comes to pouring things as well; it’s easy and controlled. In fact it works just like a potato chip bag for your convenience.



Mighty Hold can keep things fresh

If you hate having to throw away food or leftovers because it goes bad then Mighty Hold might offer the right solution for you. It keeps items fresh, just as they should be according to its claims.


Mighty Hold is quite versatile

Whether you want to carry soil, fertilizer or pet food and cat litter, it will be strong enough for you. And you can also carry dirty bags away from your body while you stay clean.


What do I get?Price
2 Mighty Hold clips
Price – $10 + $15.9 P&H. Total amount $25.9
Official website mightyhold.com


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  1. Has any one tried the product? Is it any good?

    • What is Mighty Hold –

      it is a large sized clip which can be used to hold and carry huge bags with ease.

      No more physical strain:

      Mighty Hold promises to be one easy to use big clip that can snap onto any bag and help carry it with ease and comfort. Carrying bags has always been a problem and you cannot get a trolley everywhere to carry it around. Plus if the bag is meant to carry something which is to be poured on a regular basis like a fertilizer bag or a pet food bag than the physical strain that one goes through are endless. Such heavy bags can cause severe back and neck strain which is the reason behind the invention of Mighty Hold. It takes its inspiration from a small clip that is designed in a way that it can be clipped upon to seal off chips and other smaller bags easily for storage.

      Safest design to carry bags:

      Mighty Hold claims to be a solution that works in two major ways – one being carrying and the other being resealing larger bags which cannot be resealed after opening. It is said to be quite heavy duty so as to accommodate the need to carry a very heavy bag with its sturdy design. It has a 12 inches wide opening which makes Mighty Hold supposedly a quite secure and versatile clip. Plus the sturdy and strong handles that are attached to Mighty Hold are claimed to be quite handy while carrying bags and also while pouring things out of the bag. Plus the handle and the strong hold is good enough to even control pouring items out from the bag in desired proportion. Mighty Hold is said to be quite good at resealing all thanks to its unique clip. This attribute makes sure that the freshness of items such as food and leftovers is kept intact.


      Mighty Hold promises to be very versatile in nature and can be used to carry soil, pet food, charcoal, rock salts, fertilizer bags and much more. Mighty Hold also can be used to hold large bags of garbage and other dirty bags so that there are no germs that will come in contact with the body.

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