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About MultiHanger

MultiHanger claims to be a clothes hanger that can triple closet space using its patent-pending three-bar construction. It assures to help organize and reduce the clutter to utilize the space in closets at home, small apartments, and dorms.



MultiHanger CLAIMS

The three-bar structure of MultiHanger promises to hang easily on a hanger rod inside any closet. The hanger’s standard-sized hooks go easily on any type of closet hanging bar easily. Once done, it can accommodate multiple hangers in all three bars that it comes with.

Well-organized closet – MultiHanger proclaims to be a space-saving solution that triples the closet space instantly by accommodating shirts, pants, dresses, drying delicates and even hang sweaters, purses, and jackets. It also guarantees that clothes can come off easily and neatly so there is no wrinkle on them. Such farfetched claims made by MultiHanger will be proved once users review it.

Sturdy Design – The solid construction of MultiHanger maintains to lift up to 75 pounds of deadweight but isn’t proved yet due to lack of user reviews. Additionally, it states to have stabilizing bars that keep it in place to ensure that clothes never fall off. Did you find the hanger this useful? Send us your reviews.


MultiHanger Review

One review of MultiHanger by Jon Blake states that he was disappointed with it since it did not save as much space as he expected it to. He says that maybe as a concept it works well but due to actual physics it ends up taking almost the same amount of space.

Janet Casey’s MultiHanger review reveals that its construction isn’t as sturdy as promised. She hung up two of these with lighter clothes such as blouse and slacks but they ended up collapsing.

A reviewer, Leo Reeves, complains that MultiHanger makes it difficult to actually choose clothes since they are clustered together too close.

Another review of MultiHanger by Cody Dixon asserts that it doesn’t save any additional room since the clothes are still as thick as before and hang low due to its compact design. As per his review, MultiHanger isn’t sturdy enough to accommodate a lot of clothes since it exhibits stability issues upon loading it to its capacity.

According to Clary Kelly, a MultiHanger reviewer, it has a poor, cheap construction that isn’t really stable and last for a long time. It seems that one of her hangars broke off after the initial use, making it a complete waste of money.


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