Nuwave Twister vs Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

About Nuwave Twister

NuWave Twister is a new age blender and chopper that serve multiple purposes in one. With all the attachments it makes cooking an easy task and optimizes time involved in the same. The high quality design takes less space in the kitchen and has the features that would do processes like chopping, grinding, grating, mixing and blending quickly and easily. NuWave twister is also quite durable and has efficient performance promise for years to come.


About NutriBullet

NutriBullet is the revolutionary new age blender that has the best of both equipments – a juicer and a traditional blender. Its patented blade technology makes it so efficient that it completely breaks down ingredients from veggies and fruits in their most nutritious and absorptive state that is lost in other such appliances. Its unique feature is targeted at the health conscious audience who can benefit from NutriBullet to promote better health and a long life.


About Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet is an appliance for all needs and practically does the work for any kitchen in just 10 seconds or less. It has the ability to grate, mince, chop and blend juices, protein shakes, etc thanks to its amazing high performance patented design. It also has a very easy to use operational mode unlike other bulky complicated blenders. Its resourcefulness extends to its size too since it is compact and hardly takes kitchen space.


Compare Features

Nuwave Twister Features

NuWave Twister’s most highlighted feature is its powerful torpedo motor that has the capacity to do most chopping, grinding, grating, mixing, blending all in one. It also comes with chopping blade and flat blade for finely cut vegetables. Plus the time required for it to provide the desired task is very less. The 7-piece Nuwave Twister comes with canisters and lids for storage purposes. Storage wise it is sleek and fits well in the kitchen.


NutriBullet Features

NutriBullet is compact in size with promise of a juicer and blender in one. Its unique features lie in powerful 600 Watt motor that works well with the extractor blades to extract the best nutrition out of fruits and veggies. The bullet exclusive cyclonic action feature is powerful enough to bust open seeds and shred tough skin like no other blender. Plus it is non-toxic plastic body and BPA free makes it safe to use.


Magic Bullet Features

Magic Bullet is coined as the easiest blender that is to use when compared to others. The blending takes place simply by placing the hand on the device. It even has a hands-free operation that helps in using Magic Bullet in a lock on mode. It utilizes a cyclonic cutting technology that makes any task like chopping onion, mincing garlic or grating cheese and more an easy chore and gets it done under 10 seconds.


Compare What do I get and Price?

Nuwave Twister

NuWave Twister is a 7-piece multi-purpose blender and comes at an affordable price of $27.30. It includes powerful twister motor, 8oz and 4oz canisters, 2 storage lids, a chopping and a flat blade.


Nutri Bullet

NutriBullet comes at a price of $119.94 and falls in the higher range. It comes with the revolutionary extractor blade for cyclonic action, milling blade for grinding, power base, tall cup, short cup with handle and lip ring, short cup with lip comfort ring handle, 2 stay fresh resealable lids, user guide and pocket nutritionist.


Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet is mid ranged appliance falling at $99.99 price. It includes high-torque power base, cross blade and flat blade, tall and short bullet caps, shaker steamer tops, stay-fresh re-sealable lids, 4 party mugs with comfort lip ring and 10 second recipe book. It also has bonus bullet blender and bullet juicer in the pack.


Compare Motor

NuWave Twister comes with a powerful Twister Motor that comes with power output of 300W.


NutriBullet: High torque motor of Nutribullet runs with a 600W power to get blending and processing of food in seconds.


Magic Bullet: Has power base that has 600W high torque motor that works like magic for all kitchen needs.


Compare Blades

NuWave Twister: Chopping and Flat blade in NuWave Twister are efficient in providing finely and neatly sliced vegetables and also grate, chop, grind, mix and blend various fruits and veggies.


has Extractor blade that cuts through stems, crushes seeds and thick stems for high nutrition value. It also has Milling blade for grinding herbs and chopping nuts without the need of sharpening.


Magic Bullet: has two blades: cross blade for blending, grating and chopping and a flat blade for whipping and grinding hard food items.


Compare Blade Speed

NuWave Twister: It comes with a lower RPM when comparing blade speed to other high power blenders.


NutriBullet: The blade speed of NutriBullet is quite high for its size and turns at 10,000 RPMs.


Magic Bullet: The blades of Magic Bullet moves it blade in 10,000 RPM blade speed for better productivity.


Does it leak?

NuWave Twister: It comes with a leak-proof lead to avoid any leakage and spilling during blending and processing the food.


NutriBullet: NutriBullet tends to be leak proof when not overfilled but has problems of blade assembly leakage on several occasions.


Magic Bullet: comes with leak proof lids but the blade assembly has problems with leakage and can be messy at times.


Does it have variable speed?

NuWave Twister: It has only 1 speed setting for all processes.


NutriBullet: It does not have variable speed.


Magic Bullet: has 1 speed setting and no variable speed option.


Compare Reviews and Complaints

Nuwave Twister Reviews and Complaints

Nuwave Mixes only liquid and semi-solid foods Nuwave Twister blender supposedly mixes liquids or solid food mixed with liquid very well and there are no chunks left but trying to chop solid foods like fruits and buts in it results in the foods flinging and sticking to the sides of the container. The blades are apparently so dull that they won’t even make a good sauce of avocado or blend something as soft as ham or egg.


Nuwave Twister is Difficult to operateThe Nuwave Twister blender is apparently a Herculean task to operate and requires a lot of hand strength to work. Pushing it down and trying to switch it on in anti-clockwise direction believably doesn’t always help in turning it on. At times the Nuwave Twister doesn’t switch on at all even after following the instructions, which are also inadequate.


Weak gasket and leaking base: The gasket of Nuwave Twister is supposed to be very weak and it believably snaps after just a few uses. And, just the Nuwave Twister is unavailable in the market or online and you need to buy the whole unit to replace just the gasket, which means a waste of money. Also, just after using it for a total of six times, the base of Nuwave Twister is said to often start leaking. The twister blade plastic shatters very easily and mixes in your food and it also ages in a matter of a couple of years even if you haven’t used the Nuwave Twister blender much.


Nutri Bullet Reviews and Complaints

Blends thoroughly and quickly with minimal clean up
Nutri Bullet is said to be great for blending and mixing smoothies like bananas, blueberries, strawberries and chia seeds on a daily basis. It does a good blending job of frozen fruits and just adding a little water gives you a great shake or smoothie. And you can have a healthy drink in just about 20 seconds. Nutri Bullet requires minimal cleaning too.


Not a durable blender There have been complaints of the quality of Nutri Bullet blades deteriorating after a couple of months’ use. The smoothies are not as smooth and fine as they initially are and the productivity goes down in a few months. The blender also supposedly stopped working altogether after about 3-5 months of use and the motor and the blades are said to just give up after first dripping and parts freezing one by one.


Faulty motor and too noisy: Often Nutri Bullet apparently emits electrical fumes and sparks that fill the entire kitchen or then it also emits a smell like electrical wires burning. The motor believably also gets extremely noisy almost immediately or in a few weeks enough for the users to want to plug their ears. The large cup is difficult to handle and open.


Warranty not honored:The Nutri Bullet manufacturers do not honor the warranty if the unit is bought from other retailers. They believably also do not take the unit back if there’s leakage or any other problem with the motor.


Magic Bullet Reviews and Complaints

Powerful, compact and has many cups: Magic Bullet believably has a very powerful motor that blends, purees and liquefies fruits, yogurts and vegetables easily. into smoothies and shakes very easily. The compact unit saves a lot of space in the kitchen and the many extra cups store smoothies and health drinks. Magic Bullet is also said to be a breeze to clean making it an ideal choice.


Weak power base and gasket burns easily: There have been many issues with Magic Bullet’s base that is supposed to be so weak that it has sometimes needed replacement thrice. After a few uses the power base overheats and even burns. Also the gasket at the bottom often comes off and sticks into the blades and the plastic mixes in the smoothie. There have also been complaints of fumes and electrical smell emanating from the blender right with the first use. The gasket of Magic Bullet leads to leakage and the liquid enters the motor at the base.


Noisy motor that gives way in a couple of months The motor of Magic Bullet is apparently so noisy after a couple of uses that it can induce a headache! The blender was also so substandard that it stopped working in a few months and even when it works it leaves chunks of fruits in the smoothie. Magic Bullet blends well only at the bottom of the blender but they remain unblended at the top. The extra glasses also start cracking in a few weeks.

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  1. Got the NuWave blenders with my oven. The Twister only worked 2 times versus my Magic Bullet which has been used daily for 5 years. The party mixer motor went out the first time we used it to chop ice and have already order a new motor. Both the NuWave blenders are of very poor quality.

  2. Poor quality item that didn’t last 10 days.

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