Origami Kitty

What is Origami Kitty? – It is a cat house made of made of super soft faux suede and light weight foam which can be turned into eight different shapes.


Amazing cat house your kitty will love

If you’ve given up on making your cat happy by getting a perfect house for it, check out Origami Kitty, a new cat house that promises to bring loads of fun and excitement for your pet. Origami Kitty is basically a cat house designed as a cat toy that folds into different shapes for your cat to play with and enjoy. It works like an origami paper system so it folds into as many as eight different shapes.



No more damage to your furniture

Origami Kitty makers draw your attention towards the tendency of cats to tear furniture and carpets, thereby causing loss, not to mention the inconvenience. If your cat has a house of its own which one which turns into a new one anytime, it’s sure to get excited and may move its attention toward it from your furnishings and furniture. Toys made for cats are not so easy to find and if you do, cats tend to get bored of them pretty soon. But the makers of Origami Kitty confidently claim that it’s not so with this cat house. It can be turned into different toys all combined into one system, which the cat will always be attracted and look forward to explore a new house everyday.


Keeps cats cozy and safe

Origami Kitty is designed from super faux suede and lightweight foam that keep cats comfortable and don’t pose any danger to them.


Suitable for cats of any age

Origami Kitty is being promoted as a cat house that is perfect for cats of any age. Kittens will love and so will cats that are very playful or those who haven’t been declawed.



Machine washable

Origami Kitty is machine washable, so you need not worry even if your kitty plays with it all day and dirties it.


What do I get?Get 2 Origami Kitty Cat Houses for $19.95 plus $15.90 P&H. Official website OrigamiKitty.com


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