Perfect Pie Cutter

What is Perfect Pie Cutter -It is a pie cutter that lets you cut six even pieces of pies and serve them without crumbling.
Perfect Pie Cutter promises to let you serve pies just like they look in a restaurant – perfectly shaped and sized, something you can rarely achieve on your own. Serving a pie without breaking and falling apart is nearly impossible, and even if you do manage to cut it into neat slices, they’re often uneven. There are other issues like covering the pie with a wrap but its topping comes off when you take the wrapping off. But Perfect Pie Cutter claims to eliminate all these problems.


Get pies like they are served in a restaurant

Perfect Pie Cutter claims to be used by professionals in most top restaurants all over the country. It is said to have angled blades that cut the pie into perfect pieces and all of the same size. And all you need to do is just push the pie cutter down on the pie so you won’t get uneven cuts and crumbling slices and your pie slices can look like you ordered from a restaurant.


Keeps the pie fresh

If you have also had enough of leftover pies running and drying up, Perfect Pie Cutter promises to prevent that too. You can apparently just leave the Perfect Pie Cutter in the pie and it will seal the edges to keep the pie fresh to eat whenever you please. Another problem is the topping coming off on to the wrap when you cover your pie. You can leave the Perfect Pie Cutter and cover it with the wrap over the cutter so that it won’t touch the top of the pie and ruin it.


Pie slices won’t fall off while serving

Usually pies also fall off while you serve them on a plate because the spatula is never the right size. But with Perfect Pie Cutter you can supposedly forget about this problem too as it claims to come with its own spatula that fits perfectly between the blades. Perfect Pie Cutter is supposed to be durable and dishwasher safe so you don’t spend any extra time on cleaning it.


What do I get?

  • 1 6 pc Perfect Pie Cutter
  • 1 8 pc Perfect Pie Cutter
  • 1 Matching Spatula

All this for just $10 + $13.90 P/H. Official website:

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