Pocket Burger

What is Pocket BurgerAn easy to use and clean stuffed burger maker by Telebrands.

A perfect burger with your favorite stuffing with Pocket Burger

With the new Pocket Burger you can supposedly say goodbye to boring and messy burgers and create your own lip smacking stuffed burger with the perfect patty every time. The Pocket Burger claims to let you add any stuffing you want and turn a plain burger into a stuffed burger any time, no matter what your choice of ingredients whether onions, blue cheese, bacon, cheddar or any other filling. Pocket Burger is apparently extremely easy to use when you want to make yummy burgers for yourself and your whole family. It claims to have an ergonomic system that enables you to make a deep pocket on the top and the bottom at the same time. You can then add the stuffing that you desire, press the burger maker down and fold the sides together and your patty will be ready.

The endless options of perfectly sealed patties

Usually the burger patties that you make at home turn out to be quite messy and ingredients keep falling apart. But Pocket Burger promises to eliminate that problem since the patty that you get from the maker will be perfectly sealed so that you have no trouble polishing it off the plate. You can mix the patty the way you want and Pocket Burger also promises to give you endless possibilities of burger stuffing recipes. Other than hamburgers or pork stuffing, Pocket Burger asserts to give you possibilities of making healthy burger options since you can make vegetarian or turkey burgers as well. Cleaning the Pocket Burger is believably just as mess free and easy since the burger maker is dishwasher safe. So now you can make great gourmet burgers within no time for occasions like picnics, barbeque dos or even dinner parties.

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