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79 Comments on "Pocket Juice Charger REVIEW"

  1. Charles bunch | Ordering Xanax Online Legal |


    • Dug Win | Cheap Alprazolam 2Mg |

      Charlie why do you use fellatio to described an electronic component? Did you push the on button?

  2. Does charge but not for long. the device drains the charger fast and even with a charge of 8 hrs its still not enough…

    • I barely get an hour worth of charge. Its a good idea but I need more than an hour sometimes. Package appears misleading.

  3. I have a Note 3. The pocket juice charges my phone about 15% before it dies. Not great but in case of emergency it’s alright.

  4. Mine blew up while charging it on Xbox 360 in my living room at 1:44 at night.

    • Pam, you were sooo close … all you had to do was until 2am. Next time, think!

  5. Won’t charge my android phone. Charges like 3 seconds and kicks off.

  6. Gregory Cole | Online Xanax Uk |

    Android and Pocket juice useless. I think at times, when I can get it to come on, it takes power FROM my phone…waste of $10.

  7. Charges my ipod for a couple of seconds and then stops. 🙁

    • I know right.I start to have it charge my tablet then a few seconds later its off.

  8. To all you obvious non-techies. Plug the charger to your phone or other device. Hit the on button. It it flickers off hit it again and perhaps again until 4 lights appear on the charger. Then it does its thing just fine!

  9. I have an iPhone 5 & this “pocket juice” product has NEVER WORKED for me! It’s a waste of money!

  10. Negative vibes. I bought my Pocket Juice yesterday at Walmart. Got home and charged it with my MP3 wall charger. I do not know how long it took as I was busy doing other things. My phone (Samsung Galaxy) was at 69% when I went to bed around 10:00 PM. I was using iHeart radio listing to a station and woke up at 1:05 AM and found my phone was at 25% and in the yellow. I hook up the Pocket Juice via USB cable and continued my iHeart channel while charging my phone. I woke up at 7:00 AM iHeart still playing and Pocket Juice still hooked up. My phone was green at 100% so I disconnected my Pocket Juice and plugged it into my into my HMDX wireless speaker which had a dead battery. About an hour later I looked at my speaker and it had a green light indicating a full charge. My Pocket Juice still had juice as I used the flashlight to find some items buried deep in my closet and it lighted the closet better than my 60 watt bulb. I did not give this a five star rating as no device is perfect.

  11. Bought pocket juice yesterday at Walmart.

    My iPhone was completely dead, I plugged this charger in, and within 10-15 minutes I was back up and running with 47% battery 🙂 works for me.

    My question is, should I go ahead and recharge the pocket juice with one blue light still on, or is it better to wait until the pocket juice dies completely before recharging it. I wanna get the best wear out of it

  12. I just bought a Pocket Juice and am charging it. I have three lights that stay lit, but one keeps flashing. Does that indicate that it still needs to charge? There were no instructions in the packaging. Rating this a “1” just because I don’t know if it works.

    • I just wanna know what the flashing lights mean? It charges my phone I used a wall adapter to charge it but the light keeps blinking I just wanna know ifbim doing it right instructions wasn’t clear to any common questions

    • charlie | Buy Real Xanax Bars |

      Thats just means its losing the charge on the pack to the phone battery,the lights reprcent 25 percent each if its flshing that means its simply about to react a 25 percent waypoint in its charge level

  13. Works perfectly charges my phone from zero percent to 75 percent.for all you idiots out there push the on button and it works perfectly.

    • J. Chapman | Alprazolam Online Paypal |

      I agree with Diva and Donald. Both I bought have blue,, red, and green lights. But the green doesn’t stay on. The whole NO INSTRUCTIONS included is just stupid.

  14. Deon Duran | Mail Order Xanax Canada |

    It sucks.when I first got it. Charged from 39 to 60 then it didn’t work after that it goes on for like 2 secs then it goes off plz help

  15. When I push the on button,
    1-4 lights light up (depending on how full the pj is) for about three second then off. I push it twice fast and the flashlight comes on. I have yet to discover the code to just turn it on the where the lights (1-4) like flash in sequence one after the other, like a wave kind of. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!
    Other wise I absolutely like it bc my games don’t get interrupted due to my phone battery dying (& games take allot of battery)

    • I had the same issue where it rejected, I discarded the cord that came with the PJ and used my factory micro usb not the larger one and it seems to work fine now.

  16. My samsung tab 3 rejects pocket juice. Wont charge waste of money. The tablet says charging for a sec and boots charging status to non charging.

  17. I have the Samsung S5 and the charger does not work, when I plug it into my kids Iphone it charges, but when I plug it into the S5 it charges until the phone goes into sleep mode, then it shuts off. I am using it properly (due to the fact that it works fine on the kids Iphones). So If you have a Samsung S5 do not buy this. I gave 2 stars as it does work on some phones, however, it should of been clarified that it does not work on some phones (especially it being such a popular phone)

    • I had the same issue where it rejected, I discarded the cord that came with the PJ and used my factory micro usb not the larger one and it seems to work fine now.

    • Bob is right…do NOT buy this to use with a Galaxy S5….same issue here and the package said nothing about issues with the S5. Sure, it’s only “10 bucks”….but if someone took “10 bucks” out of my pocket on the street…well, that wouldn’t go well either. 😉

    • I have an S5 a hint would be tell your phone not to go to sleep and it will charge my phone is charging right now.

      • I didn’t know about the Galaxy S5 flub either, but it seems to work fine as long as I have an app on the makes it not sleep. It still charges okay, and works great if you are on a long road trip that you have to use navigation (and the person you bought your car from took out the cigarette lighter…who does that?).
        2 Stars for dishonesty

    • Wish I would have read this review before I bought it for my S5. It has to stay awake for it to charge. Ridiculous.

    • I changed the USB cord like Dan suggested. I was having the same issue with my S5 going to sleep and turning charger off. After changing cord it works perfectly.

  18. samantha | Cheap Xanax Bars |

    Mine was working just fine charged my daughters iPod to 100% and sometimes when needed her kindle she got it for Xmas then now I can’t get the pocket juice to charge at all, anyone know why that is?

    • lisahatespocketjuice | Order Xanax Overnight Online |

      Double click the button … This is still trash it blinks blue then green then turns off … Well at least mine does and I got mine last
      night … Throw it away

  19. Judy Roberts | Yellow Xanax Bars Online |

    The flashlight app has been on since I pressed the on button and stayed on when I pressed to turn it off.
    There are no more buttons or switches. Anybody know how to turn it off?

    • Mariella Romarioni | Order Green Xanax Bars Online |

      Problem solved, give two faster clicks on the button and the flashlight turns off.

    • I have the same problem, flashlight won't go off | Alprazolam Order Lorazepam |

      Can’t anyone answer why this is happening and what can be done about it?

  20. Works fine on my LG G3, had a smaller one, didn’t like it, wouldn’t charge my phone all the way but this one does. Its a 2x charger and it has 2 bars left after charging my phone but if you have Samsung change the cord!

  21. Jennifer | Online Xanax Bars |

    My pocket juice charger was active for a few weeks but now as soon as you plug it into charge, it blinks blue, green red and then turns off…any ideas??

  22. Monica | Buying Xanax Online |

    I have this pocket juice charger.
    It was working fine up until yesterday, I press the button to turn it on and the blue light comes on, but like after 3 seconds a green light comes on and starts flashing…
    I need help it would be greatly appreciated~

    • I had the same thing happen. Worked great for a few months and then it just died. I guess the packaging when it says a full “6 hours of charging time” must mean it only works for 6 hours in total.


  24. I purchased this device yesterday and it was working well today I charged it to full and my phone was on 4% so i put the device in and it went back to a full battery I am charging my phone with my actual charger now because it does not want to charge anymore the flashlight apparently has its own power source because it has now light on the power bank power level indicator. I have tried using a separate USB cable but i get no results so either I am doing something wrong or this device is a one time ordeal, and not even a very powerful flashlight.

  25. I bought the pocket juice about 3 months ago and it worked perfectly fine, charged my phone from 10 to 100 in around 45 minutes, then a few days ago it just stopped charging. Its fully charged and I’ve tried using the cord that came with it as well as the charging cord that came with my phone but neither of them seem to work. When I press the power button it turns on, then it blinks for a few seconds and then turns off again.

  26. I have the same problem, flashlight won't go off | Ordering Xanax From Canada |

    how do I turn the flashlight off????? I can’t get it to go off

    • wykenna | Xanax Meds Online |

      You hit the on/off button twice,in other words the same way you turn it on

      • Thanks. Mine’s been on for about a day and a half, had no idea how it got turned on, or how to shut it off again.

    • Stella Stouse | Purchasing Xanax Online Legal |

      Click button repeat 2-3 to turn off/on.

    • cinderella | Buying Xanax Online Legit |

      same problem the flashlight won’t turn OFF !!! then it drains the charger. I didn’t know it had a flashlight not sure how it turned on. ugh

    • I have a small 1500mAh output but i
      the light works the same for them all. I just double click the power button to turn my light on and off. Try it double click it like a you would a mouse. A

  27. Bought a different brand last Christmas, one for me, one for my brother who has to take lengthy treatments at Vets hospital, had a problem with his I-pad running out of juice while watching movies. Someone lifted mine, but his still works perfectly. The store sold out of that brand so I bought this POS that won’t even charge up, not even with my phone charger. Yes, I followed instructions. Took it camping with me, but got stuck with no night time entertainment. Going to call him to ask the Brand name (I forgot) and try to find another one.

  28. The pocket juice is a piece of garbage. It ruined my cell phone battery. My phone will not hold a charge for that long since I started using the pocket juice. I wouldn’t recommend this to ANYONE. I think they should be off the market.

    • charlie | Gador Xanax Online |

      You idiot it probably outputs more then your battery is good for

  29. Stella Stouse | Cheap 2Mg Xanax Online |

    I brought pink, aqua ones. And they don’t last longer. I need get replace from other company. I’m disappoint into trust this for nothing. You probably not get me other from other company. I drain $ for not last long products. Even the cord for between iPhone 5 and battery that only last 2 weeks. I have to use home cord to college, errands, doctors office. And maybe 2x won’t turn on over 30 minutes long.

  30. Lisa O'Cain | Cheap Real Xanax Online |


    • How about not shouting (that’s what using all caps is considered – and it’s considered very impolite)? People tend to pay more when you type using both cases, not just caps.

  31. Chandler | Buy Pfizer Xanax 2Mg |

    Bought two for work and trips when I don’t have access to an outlet. They work well enough but it seems as one has died. When plugged in it just blinks blue and doesn’t actually charge anymore. I’ll definitely have to look at reviews once my other one dies (way too soon for what it is, crap construction.)

  32. Piece of crap!!! Bought two, the first never charged at all. The second worked one time. WASTE of money.

  33. My Pocket Juice charger continually blinks when I’m charging it. Is it still getting charged?

  34. LadyAuctioneer | Xanax Online Overnight Delivery |

    I must be out of the norm because I have purchased 6 units. 2 2200 MAH & 4 4000 MAH and use them all day everyday and charge them every night. The only problem I have even encountered was not being able to turn the light out on one unit but after I let it drain the power and recharged it everything is fine. Each of the 2200’s give my iPhone 6 a full charge and the 4000 will give almost 2 full charges from each unit. I also use them on other devices without any problems at all including Vape batteries so I give it a full 5 star rating.

  35. My friend and I both bought the pocket juice from Walmart and both only worked a couple of times and both have quit working. This is her 2cnd one. They are pieces of crap.

  36. Well I have 2 of them and neither works with my Samsung Note 4, period. The only 3 things that they seem to work on is my ACER Tablet, a Kindle Fire 8.9 HD and a $15 “smart phone” watch I bought off Amazon. I testing to see if it “might” charge my battery in my RCA Viking 10 V2. tablet.
    These only seem good for emergency Tablet charging at best.

  37. It works FINE .I use CAPS for EMPHASIS
    Shouting that’s BULLCRAP someone decided it was,but I type the way I want

    • Yes, all caps has been considered shouting in test since before there was an internet. Your usage for emphasis is fine and actually useful.

      The previously commented on post was in all caps, and as pointed out is considered to be rude. It also removes any emphasis since everything is the same

  38. Mine was working fine. Get in the car drive home which is about 20 minutes. I take it out of my pocket, noticed that the 1 out of 4 lights were flashing rapidly. I push and hold the power button, it turned off and now doesn’t work at all. How do I fix this extremely frustrating problem.

  39. Joann Farley | Xanax Online |

    I purchased the Pocket Juice in October, when I had to go to my Grandson’s funeral. Here it is December 2, and it has quit working. It won’t charge, no matter where I plug it in. Would not recommend this to anyone. I am replacing it with a RACPower Portable Charger. It has received 4+ reviews by customers so I am hopeful it will last longer than 7 weeks.

  40. Joann Farley | Buy Original Xanax |

    I purchased the pocket juice in October when I had to fly to Alabama for my Grandson’s funeral. Here it is Dec 2, and it will no longer take a charge.
    Since I travel a lot, and I am hearing impaired I need dependable backup for my phone and other electronic toys, so I am replacing it with a 4+ star customer review, RAX Power portable charger. I would not recommend this to anyone.

  41. Kami Holgate | Cheap Xanax Canada |

    This power bank has been great until yesterday. It’s been about 2 weeks since I got it… Now it doesn’t even stay on to charge my phone for longer than maybe 1-2 minutes…

    • Amanda | Online Xanax Doctor |

      The issue I am having is , it charges and blinks while charging . It charged my phone quickly , now a week later it still lights up when I plug it in but will not come on to charge my phone anymore

  42. I was only able to charge my PJ 2200 one time. On the second attempt, it won’t charge up at all (one light just keeps blinking after about 5 hours of trying to charge it up). What a piece of junk!

    Fyi, for those of you having trouble turning the flashlight on or off, on my model you have to hold the power button down for two seconds to both turn on the flashlight and to turn it off. Quickly double-pressing doesn’t work on my model.

  43. Horrible. Horrible piece of equipment. Looks great, feels great but after a few days it works like shit. I am about to bring my second one back in two weeks. Definitely will not be supporting this brand anymore.

  44. PocketJuice is the WORST external battery charger I have EVER BOUGHT! It doesn’t charge up fast, it DOES NOT have enough juice to charge your phone twice, and it DOES NOT charge your phone quickly. Its awful. Buy a KNOWN external charger from Best Buy or other places. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON POCKETJUICE.

  45. The cord to charge the devise isnt the same cord to charge the iPhone 6, correct?

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