About Poppit

Poppit claims to be a fun way to make mini creations with clay. It asserts to let you pop tons of creations out of a pen and let your imagination go wild.



Poppit Claims

You just need to take a lump of silky soft pop clay, mould it with the special design pen in the kit, and pop it out. Stack it and use accessories to create a clay world with Poppit.

An exciting pop clay kit – Poppit promises to be soft, flexible, and light unlike traditional dough or clay and lets you make detailed designs. It allegedly lets you stack the popped clay and decorate it the way you want. These claims make Poppit sound too good to be true and must be taken seriously after there are user reviews.

Tons of designs – The pop clay asserts to let you make different designs such as lions, waffles, and puppies and also air dries. There are o user reviews yet to prove this. Poppit convinces to come in five exciting colors, seven cupcakes and puppy moulds and different accessories that let you make purses, dolls, bakery, and more. Send us your reviews of Poppit if you could do all that it claims.


What do I get?

  • 1 Popper
  • 1 Poppit Knife
  • 10 Poppit Clay Packs
  • 7 Puppy Molds
  • 7 Cup Cake Molds
  • 12 Deco Pieces

Price: $29.99 | Official website: BuyPoppit.com

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