Powerizer Review

What is Powerizer?

It is a two in one detergent that claims to leave your laundry and dishes spotless clean. Powerizer asserts that now with one product that can be used in dishwasher and washing machine, you can get rid of hard water spots and stains. It rinses clean, which means there is no residue to deal with. Now that’s a tall claim that will have to be corroborated with Powerizer reviews.

Powerizer is a detergent that uses a patented technology based on sugar to provide advanced cleaning leaving no residue. It uses a breakthrough technology that provides all the power needed for both your laundry and automatic dishwashers. It is the First and only product of its kind!



How does Powerizer work?

Powerizer’s patented technology works to tie up and remove hard water ions like calcium and magnesium that cause soapy residue on clothes and film on dishware.

Great for tough stains – With a combination of sugar technology and other eco-friendly ingredients Powerizer helps to remove tough and even set in stains. It provides a complete detergent cleaning experience

Safe for colors and Delicate Fabrics – Powerizer contains a color-safe bleach that helps to brighten the colors on your clothes. It is safe for delicate fabrics too but you must follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions. There is no need to use a fabric softener when using Powerizer but it safe to use one if you desire.

Works in HE washers – HE machines are great for Powerizer’s complete detergent. In fact, the low water usage in HE machines makes Powerizer’s no soapy residue formula even more important.

Safe – Powerizer is safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies

Use in dishwasher and laundry – Powerizer’s unique patented sugar technology is specifically designed for use as a 2 in 1 product. It leaves no residue on clothes and no film on dishware and glasses!

How does Powerizer work in a dishwasher? – Powerizer’s patented technology works to tie up and remove hard water ions like calcium and magnesium that cause film on glasses and dishware and soapy residue on clothes.

No rinse aid or other additives – You do not need a rinse aid since Powerizer rinses clean by itself.

Safe for the Environment – Powerizer’s patented technology is based on sugar and the rest of the ingredients are natural or naturally derived making it safe for the environment. Powerizer is septic friendly too because all ingredients are natural or biodegradable.

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New age technology does the trick – The secret of Powerizer lies in its patented sugar technology, which ensures that there are no hard water spots or etching. Its molecules bind Calcium and Magnesium ions that leave residue behind. Soil particles are released to get rid of hard stains. Powerizer reviews are waited to tell us if that’s really the case.

Has many other benefits – Powerizer emphasizes on the fact that it can remove stains and rust from your appliances as well. And your clothes get softer, feel and smell better. We will go through Powerizer reviews to analyze these claims for you.


Powerizer Uses

The patented sugar-powered technology removes film, buildup, soap scum and soil residue that ordinary detergents leave behind. It removes stubborn soil and stains, can be used to clean all surfaces and removes residue that can irritate skin. With Powerizer there is no second rinse needed. It leaves your glassware sparkling and spotless.

Over time, Powerizer’s breakthrough technology will work to remove film left behind by other dish-washing detergents. Powerizer will not etch or scratch your dishes like other dish washing detergents because it does not contain the type of ingredients that etch or scratch dishes.

You can also use Powerizer to clean elsewhere around the house, see label instructions for making a cleaning solution for stubborn stain and other uses.

Powerizer is great to remove stubborn pet stains & odors too. It can be used on upholstery stains too.

Powerizer is not recommended for use in a carpet cleaning machine because of their closed water containers. Simply make a solution (see back label) and pre-treat carpet stains.

Powerizer best use is as a dishwasher and laundry detergent but it can also help remove stubborn stains anywhere they are found around the house.


What do I get?
You will get Powerizer for $ 15.95 | Official website: PowerizerClean.com

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  1. I went to the home and garden show in Denver and purchased two containers of this as the demo was remarkable. They said the price online would be 19.95 for one container and the show deal was 2 for 35.00. As mentioned before I purchased that deal. I see on this blog that the price on the website is 15.95 per tub, but in looking at the website it is indeed 19.99 a tub. Unfortunately, I tried it first in my dishwasher. What a mistake! everything was still cloudy after a second washing with my regular dish detergent and therefore my husband and I spent an hour hand washing and drying everything. It took a lot of scrubbing to remove the film from anything plastic . I have a few plastic utensils that will never look the same as there is no way to get the film off, seems like it just baked right into the material. I am afraid to try it on my clothes for fear of what it will do to them and our skin. Very annoyed and disappointed in this product.

    • See above post same thing happened to my dishes anything that was plastic was covered with a cloudy film, and ran it thru the dishwasher again without any soap and the film remains. I have some plastic dishwear due to small children in the household {less breakage}. Not happy with this product.

  2. Hard to believe that people have problems with filmy residue. I have none. I do use a rinsing agent, but only because I still have some. My laundry is wonderfully clean and bright. My response to the two single star reviews is utter surprise.

  3. My laundry is clean and soft. My dishes, glassware and cutlery look as though they’ve been polished. This product was well worth the price

  4. “Review” appears to have been written to tout the glory of this product. In no way is this an unbiased review.

  5. It works great to remove hard water spots but I had an old white crocheted tablecloth with a spot on it. I soaked it for six hours as the package suggested but it did not remove the spot.

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