Refresh Veggies

Refresh Veggies is a refreshing system for wilting vegetables. It promises to renew vegetables in a natural way using its refresh system. Vegetables can be thus be kept longer in a more effective way.



Using Refresh Veggies

It is easy to use Refresh Veggies. Place wilting vegetables inside the Refresh Veggies container. Close the lid and push the pressure pump on the glass lid outside 3 – 5 times. Simply allow the vegetables to sit in the Refresh Veggies™. container for one or two hours. The pressure infuses liquid and water into the vegetables once more and makes them fresh again. This is the promise from Refresh Veggies.

Refresh Veggies claims to soften pasta to make fresh pasta salads or pasta based dishes as well.




• Brings back the original fresh state to wilted vegetables through infusion
• Softens pasta
• Easy to use pressure-pump glass lid
• Stainless steel outer shell design
• Easy to store in cabinets and shelves

Refresh Veggies promises to refresh wilted vegetables in a natural and effective way to keep vegetables longer.

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