Repel Well

What is Repel Well
Repel Well is a formula that helps protect any fabric from spills, dust and stains.

Prevention is better than cure

Repel Well is supposedly the most advanced revolutionary formula that is said to have a unique mixture that forms a protective layer on fabrics to prevent any stains and spills. It is generally very common to find some stain or the other on your clothes especially when you are on the go. Coffee, wine, oil, ketchup, etc are a few things that can leave your clothes useless. Cleaning such stains does not always guarantee success. Repel Well, thus, claims to help prevent stains altogether. It is said that the barrier created by Repel Well makes it impossible for liquids and stains to enter the fabric and ruin it.



The magic formula:

Repel Well claims to make good on its promise because of its breakthrough technology that uses Cross-Linking Nano Technology in the Sol-Gel manufacturing process. The coating liquid is made from pure quartz sand and demineralized water forming a “liquid glass” Silicon Dioxide to the fabric. The nano-tech bond action of Repel Well provides a coating thickness of 50-100mm that acts as a shield repelling not just spills but also dirt and UVs that make the fibers of fabric go dull. This allows the solution to not just help keep clothes clean but also elongate their life and shine for more uses. Repel Well supposedly stays for approximately 8 to 10 washes without the need of spraying the fabric again with it.


Key Advantages:

Repel Well promises to work perfectly well to protect fabrics without leaving any odor of the spray making it unnoticeable to anyone. The formula is said to be water based and not chemical based, which makes it completely colorless and safe for animals and humans. Also it has been mentioned that Repel Well is biodegradable making it safe for environment and has no effects to the human skin.


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  3. I would like to hear if anyone has tried this product repel well

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