Screen Egg

What is Screen Egg:

It is meant to help you clean your favourite electronic devices without leaving any streaks or smudges.
Screen Egg claims to help you keep your devices spotless clean, just the way they should be. We live in times where we just can’t do without our electronic devices, be it the tablets or Smartphones for that matter. Over time they get dirty and it affects the visibility on the screens, especially when you are on the go. Cleaning them through traditional methods can make more mess and is quite cumbersome too. But Screen Egg promises to help you get the job done effectively and efficiently.


Screen Egg is designed to work well

In fact the design of the Screen Egg is said to be one of its highlights because it has two unique textures to do the job for you. Not only are you offered convenience while you clean your device screen using this compact tool, you are also in a position to polish and clean widest variety of displays and surfaces.


Screen Egg makes the most out of Antimicrobial treated cloth

This cloth that is used in this cleaning tool is capable of getting rid of 99% of bacteria that is inside the cloth after cleaning a surface. That’s also what makes Screen Egg eco friendly because the cleaning is done so simply and without the need for any harsh chemicals or sprays.



Screen Egg works gently but effectively

Firstly, the ergonomic design of this cleaning tool means that you can grip it easily and get on with the task at hand when you want. Screen Egg claims to offer noticeable difference instantly and gets rid of dirt, dust, streaks and smudges in seconds. While it cleans your devices to precision because it’s now easier to get to those hard to reach areas, Screen Egg also means that there is no risk of damaging your device at any point.


Screen Egg is versatile

It is meant to give your screens that sharpness that makes them so easy to read. It can be used with different devices, from laptops to desktop computers, tablets and Smartphones. Screen Egg is reusable, optical grade, portable and can keep your devices looking at their best.


What do I get?

  • 2 Screen Egg Cleaners
  • 1 Luma Stylus
  • 1 Flashlight

All this for just $10.00 + $15.90 P&H. Official website:


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  1. I bought this Screen Egg & feel totally ripped off. Screen Egg does not remove smudges, finger smudges or any other smudge. Yes the clean fiber side works on dust but so do slot of other fiber dust cloths that are cheaper! The convenience of the egg shape is nice but I bought it specifically for the smudge removal claim!!! Ripped off 🙁

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