Scrub N Slide

What is Scrub N Slide: It is a scrubber meant to offer you a way to get a spa like experience in your shower.


Scrub N Slide has been designed keeping in mind the fact that you often struggle in the shower trying to work up the foam and clean your back, legs, feet etc. You look forward to a hot shower to start your day or when you come back home from a hard day’s work because it can be incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. But often it turns out to be a struggle where you are trying to reach areas of your back or leg for that matter. However there’s a way around it now according to the claims made by Scrub N Slide.


Scrub N Slide is said to help you get smooth and soft skin

Not only does Scrub N Slide avoid the regular struggle in the shower it is also supposed to help you get irresistibly smooth skin. That’s because of custom made loofah and massager that comes with it. It’s been made out of natural melon fibres and its safe and gentle for your use. But at the same time it does its job effectively as you can scrub your skin exactly the way you want. Hence before you know it you will have soft and smooth skin, and the results will be akin to those you get in professional spas.


Scrub N Slide is meant for your convenience

Now you can say goodbye to the struggle of trying to clean your back because it can help you reach those hard to get areas of upper, lower and middle back without any difficulty. Moreover with Scrub N Slide you can also clean your legs, feet and hands without any hassle. It’s also easy to install because it attaches to any smooth, flat surface. Scrub N Slide also comes with a changeable massager so that you can get a soothing and relaxing


Using Scrub N Slide is very easy

To start with you can adjust it to the chosen area and get a relaxing shower experience. Scrub N Slide can then be moved around to get to those hard to reach areas that often get neglected. You can now reach them without stretching yourself too.


What do I get?
Get 2 Scrub n Slide today for only $19.99 + $15.90 S&P. Official website:

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