Shamrock Triple Gym

Offers to train you like a champ

Shamrock Triple Gym is a triple gym system used for exercising and building physique. More and more people have begun to opt for new and innovative methods for acquiring great shape, build muscle and look burly. Shamrock Triple Gym guarantees the same and more by offering to train you like a champ. It is presented as the powerful 3-in-1 system that will make you look thick, solid and tight. It comprises three components- a pull up bar, an extension bar and a suspension strap that together provide a complete workout.

Superior exercise experience with better equipment

Pull up bar set up higher than others

The pull up bar of Shamrock Triple Gym is, according to their makers, eight inches higher than ordinary pull up bars, which provides you with more range of motions resulting in more muscles. The Shamrock Triple Gym pull up bar attaches to any standard door easily within seconds. It requires no screws or bolts while installing and doesn’t damage the door in any way.

Extension bars to extend exercising

Shamrock Triple Gym also includes extension bars to be hooked up to the pull up bar to carry out a wide range of exercises. The makers state that the extension allows you to carry out even those exercises that you never could.

Suspension straps for suspension workout

The third component, the suspension straps are attached to the extension bars for a complete suspension workout, as its manufacturers put it. The quality of steel used in Shamrock Triple Gym holds weights up to 300 lbs which can motivate you to carry out a variety of exercises.

35 body weight exercises

Shamrock Triple Gym claims it helps you perform 35 body weight exercises to burn more fat and build more muscles. You can do dips, pull ups, body weight rows, leg raises, suspended push ups and a host of other stimulating exercises to work muscle group in the entire body on it.

Suitable for everyone

Shamrock Triple Gym claims it caters to everyone, from beginners to advanced athletes in building a great physique.


What do I get?
Get the Shamrock Triple Gym Door Gym for just $69.95 + S/h. Official website

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