Shoelution Shoe Rack

De-clutters and arranges shoes easily

Shoelution, the custom shoe rack, claims to be the thing for you if you have a huge collection of shoes that doesn’t find enough space in your bedroom or closet. The supposedly innovative shoe rack de-clutters the room by allowing you to arrange your pairs of shoes neatly. Traditional standing shoe shelves are bulky in design and occupy a lot of space in your room. There also are hanging shoe racks but they are often wobbly and fall down very easily bringing all your shoes down too, which translates into more clutter and effort on your part to put them back in place. But Shoelution promises to eliminate these problems.



Modular design to fit any space

The precise angle of Shoelution and the 7 inches ultra slim design are said to minimize space and make more room to keep your shoes. If the claim is to be believed then the modular design can also be customized to fit any kind of space available. You can accommodate two pairs of shoes on each rack and Shoelution also claims to perfectly fit all kinds of shoes, men’s and women’s, and whether they are flats, sandals, stilettos, or sneakers making the rack a versatile choice for you. Since Shoelution organizes your shoes it believably displays shoes easily so you don’t have to looks for shoes of the same pair in a clutter when you are in a hurry.



Needs no hammering or drilling

Shoelution is believed to consist of individual rows that can be attached to the wall and you can keep your shoes on these rows. Unlike regular racks that need drilling and hammer to be attached to the wall, Shoelution claims to have special drywall hooks that are easy to install without the use of hammer, drilling and nails. You just need to push and then twist the drywall hooks and hang Shoelution on it. You can easily hang more number of racks in a row to accommodate more pairs of shoes within a few minutes.


Get 4 Shoelution Shoe Racks for just $19.95 + $15.90 S/h. Official website


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