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What is Shred Emulsifier:

It is a powerful emulsifier that uses cyclonic force to draw the ingredients down through the carafe so that the pulverized and liquefied vegetables and fruits can be easily absorbed in your body. Shred Emulsifier promises to bring good health in your life that no other appliance can. It claims that it can emulsify (blend) fresh ingredients quickly and provide all the vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients along with fiber which will pack your intake with great variety and health in all that it processes. Shred Emulsifier is a sophisticated emulsifier that combines 31 kitchen jobs in one to effortlessly prepare a range of recipes and blends such as hot soups, cold ice cream and more at a press of a button.


How does Shred Emulsifier Work?

Transforms ordinary ingredients into nutritious meals
To deal with unhealthy eating habits, Shred Emulsifier is said to be the best appliance one could ask for. It is believed to be a lot more than just a regular juicer or blender with its power to pulverize, liquefy and emulsify fruits and vegetables so that your body absorbs the nutrition more than ever to help you lose weight, feel energized and stay healthy. Shred Emulsifier claims to give you healthier food options within seconds if you are hard pressed for time and end up eating too much fast food and processed food that is laden with sodium, saturated fats and sugar. This leads to issues like under-nourishment and unhealthy weight gain. But Shred Emulsifier is said to be such a fast emulsifier that it can transform ordinary and everyday food produce into power meals that are rich in nutrients before you know it.

The Shred Emulsifier asserts that it is not a blender but a lot more than that as it’s equipped with ultra-advanced functions and features. It claims that it performs 31 kitchen tasks singlehandedly which sets it apart from others. It performs a whole lot of functions that only an exceptionally versatile appliance can.


Truly advanced technology

The Shred Emulsifier claims that it offers a wide range of options and possibilities that other appliances including blenders cannot. According to its makers, it can judiciously and intelligently switch between speeds and functions for best results. It can t stir a recipe without continuing with emulsifying when needed and can also default to Speed 2. It has a pause button that allows you to halt a function any moment you want without cancelling the setting you are using. It has a number of preset buttons which run for a set time, can pause to allow food to settle and then start again, ensuring the flow is not lost. Also, the Emulsifier can stop at the end of its pre-set cycle as it has been programmed to proceed that way. These features facilitate smooth operation of the appliance and ensure that you get the best finished product out of what you put into it.


Smart support system

The designers of the emulsifier proclaim that besides being a pro at carrying out a whole range of functions, Emulsifier also boasts of several more pluses. It has a smart built-in safety feature which allows it to shut down the machine to put off overheating. After about 30 minutes, the machine cools down and then set in action again. It runs on 10 speeds with 2-9 plus being allocated to stir and high. Its spinning blades use centrifugal force to cause friction to heat up the contents and hold a substantial volume of 70 oz/2 quarts (2000ml) of produce in the pitcher.


Ample safety features

The Shred Emulsifier maintains that its lid has an inbuilt Safety Valve that releases the steam and pressure from the unit when making the soups, and when the liquid is being processed the steam and pressure is released from the Cap. The built-in safety features also promise that the machine of the emulsifier shuts down automatically to prevent overheating and powers back on after it is cooled for 30 minutes.


Powerful motor

The emulsifier claims to have nearly 2 horsepower and 1500 watts and powerful enough to do 31 kitchen jobs with just a push of the button. The motor is dipped in anti-corrosive solution to provide durability so it is normal for some smoke to emit the first couple of times it is used. The Shred Emulsifier states that it is not dishwasher safe but can be cleaned easily by filling the Pitcher with warm soap water and switching on the emulsifying function for a minute on the speed of 8. The pitcher can then be rinsed and dried.


Super efficient features

Shred Emulsifier is believed to have a high-performance 2 Horsepower motor that supposedly generates 1500 watts of power. It also claims to have four surgically sharp blades that spin at approximately 30,000 RPM that create such a cyclonic force that all the ingredients that go into the jar get sucked down through the carafe so that all the nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and the crucial phytonutrients remain intact in the foods. Shred Emulsifier promises to be a kitchen breakthrough that is smart enough to do all the work with eight easy buttons that give you complete control with just one touch.


Quickly and easily make a number of recipes

If making nutritious meals seems like a daunting task then Shred Emulsifier is meant to be the right solution for you since you believably just need to toss in everyday vegetables and foods into the emulsifier and push the button on to get all-natural treats like cool smoothies, piping hot soups, nut butter, purees, frozen drinks and desserts, etc with perfect texture and taste. It can apparently also make hot beverages and whole grain flours.


Benefits of Shred Emulsifier

Shred Emulsifier claims it scores over juicers as it leaves fiber in the juice, whereas a juicer simply strains out nutrition-rich pulp. Shred Emulsifier basically works like blenders and does not separate the pulp and liquid. It makes use of centrifugal motion which, with a little extra mixing time, supposedly heats up the food. Machines that work in this way, including emulsifiers, average about eight speed settings, which allows you select the temperature of your extract. You only need a little practice to use an emulsifier, but acquiring it seems it’s worth it. A freshly emulsified extract has a rich, natural flavor.

Some sap may be left in the emulsifier but you can use its remaining pulp for fertilizing your garden.


Remarkable variety of performance

The Shred Emulsifier states that it can prepare virtually every recipe such as hot soups, frozen treats, smoothies and more. The appliance offers to carry out tasks of 20 different appliances on its own.The appliance also performs a whole lot of tasks such as chopping, dicing, grinding, grating, mincing and blending. The other tasks it carries out are:

• pulverizing fruit
• dissolve vegetables
• prepare soups
• blending smoothies
• grinding nut butters and grains
• emulsifying salad dressings
• melting chocolate
• puréeing baby food
• grating cheese
• whipping cream
• folding batter
• mixing cocktails
• beating sauces
• crushing ice
• shredding cooked meat
• mashing potatoes
• emulsifying whole produce
• aerating egg whites
• juicing
• powdering sugar
• knead dough
• making yogurt and soy milk
• creating coffee drinks
• making cold sorbets and more.


Shred Emulsifier vs Blender

One of the biggest differences and advantages Shred Emulsifier has over regular blenders is that it emulsifies fruits and veggies, which ensure that their fibre and phytonutrients are kept intact. Shred Emulsifier is known to have high speed blades and they are responsible for breaking down food items into smaller fragments. That releases highly nutritional content, which can be particularly seen in the pulp you get after emulsifying. You will find that an emulsified shake, smoothie or a soup for that matter will be high on nutrition. The problem with blenders is that they strain out the pulp and only leave the juice behind. As a result you don’t get all the nutrients that are present in food items because they are simply not preserved.


Shred Emulsifier vs Juicer

You have to realize that juicing is a process where juice and pulp are separated from fruits and vegetables. The idea is to help you absorb nutrients quicker but the problem is that the nutrients in the pulp get wasted. That’s where Emulsifying comes into the picture because it includes juice and pulp. As a result you get faster absorption of nutrients from the juice and slower absorption of nutrients from the pulp as well.


Disadvantages of Shred Emulsifier

It’s a new product with results that are not verified, so one can’t be sure if it lives up to its claims. Several products found on As Seen On TV are of poor quality. It could well be backordered as there are no reviews and it looks like it’s made in China. The official manufacturer and distributor of Shred Emulsifier is TriStar, which doesn’t instantly evoke trust.


Advantages of Shred Emulsifier

Its biggest advantage is that it keeps fibre and important phytonutrients intact. Its high speed blades break food into smaller fragments and release nutrients. It lets your body absorb nutrients quickly in the form of juice and slowly as pulp. It’s a lot cheaper than other emulsifier blenders.


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  1. I can’t rate this product because they won’t send it to me.

    • I can not rate this product as it was sent to me without the lid. It can not be used without the lid. I immediately called and the lid would be sent. 2 weeks later I called again as I did not receive the lid. I have spent hours on the phone trying to get what I am supposed to get. As I paid in full, I am supposed to get a $50.00 Walmart gift certificate.. After 7 calls and being disconnected, etc I was told that i am not in the system. Another perk for paying in full was a 6 year warranty on the whole machine, to include the pitcher. I can’t get that either.
      I have talked to Shernia, Natasa, Anitcha, Carlos, Patrica and others Most all were difficult to understand and spoke with an accent.

      I don’t know what to do except to call my credit card and make a complaint.

  2. Joe and Madge Buskey | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    GREATEST INVESTMENT WE HAVE EVER MADE!!!!!! My wife and I blend and drink well emulsify and drink every type of fruit and vegetable vegetable imaginable even those we hate to eat raw I hate to eat cooked. First used in purchased and try the JJ Smith 10 day smoothie challenge lost 30 pounds within two months and have been keeping it off ever since feeling great love the product it is absolutely perfect!!!

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