Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner

What is Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner

– Sleep Easy is amazing and revolutionary sound conditioner that emits natural white noise and blocks out disturbing noises that prevents you from sleeping peacefully at night. If you have forgotten the meaning of a sound sleep, as your sleep is interrupted by those noisy neighbors or the dog that does not seem to stop barking then the Sleep Easy sound conditioner will help you remember what it is to have a sound sleep. It blocks disturbing background noises, while creating a calm and peaceful environment to give you optimum sleep.


Sleep Easy features

It is a new sound conditioner that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. It features a compact design and comes with 2 adjustable sound levels and an AC adapter. Sleep Easy sound conditioner helps you get a full night of restful sleep by blocking the background noises, whether it is that disturbing traffic noise or the loud neighbors’. It blocks distraction and will enhance your privacy. Sleep easy sound conditioner also claims to relieve you from stress with its adjustable white noise level. Sleep Easy is also great for kids as it soothes the kid’s right back to sleep with its white noise. So now you can get this amazing sound conditioner in your child’s nursery too.


How does it Work

Sleep Easy with its sound conditioning technology naturally re-creates the sound of moving air to block out disturbing background noises and creating a relaxed, comforting environment so you can get a full night restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. All you need to do is plug in your Sleep Easy sound conditioner and turn it on, and then wait for the peaceful sleep to engulf you relieving you from all your daily stress and fatigue.



Designed With You in Mind

Sleep Easy is designed while keeping your comfort in mind. Its compact design sits on any surface whether it is a nightstand or the desk tops. Its volume and tone are fully adjustable so that you can set it according to your needs and pleasure. It is the perfect solution to noises that disturb you while at home, in the dorm, apartment, office, or travel. Its compact design can go anywhere so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed every morning.


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What do I get?

  • 1 Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner
  • 1 Dream Sleep Pillow

All this for just $29.99 + $15.98 S/h. Official website:

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  1. I need to know the kilowatt usage per hour. This will help with my solar distribution.

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