Slide Effect

Slide into perfect shape with just 15 minutes of use everyday

Slide Effect, like scores of other exercise equipment, guarantees to help you shape up your body with minimal effort. It promises that you need to put in only 15 minutes of your time to use it everyday to acquire fab abs and enviable physique. Everyone wants a leaner, toned, stronger and harder body but without spending too much time. Slide Effect taps this need of people and assures that it is possible to have that kind of body by spending only 15 minutes with it. Those who are hard pressed for time are sure to be captivated by these claims.

Powerful, effective equipment for exercise

Slide Effect is a simple-looking, lightweight exercise equipment that comes assembled and seems easy to use. You get two aluminum omni-directional handles that supposedly slide effortlessly on any floor surface to give you the extension and tightness to work on the key areas of your body. The package also includes two resistance bands with stabilizing and variable strengths for body sculpting at changeable strengths for perfect resistance and transformation. They seem similar to free weights but are comfortable to carry and use anywhere. Instructions provided with Slide Effect claim that it enables you to do cardio, resistance, tone and stretch exercises in one go and in 1/3 of the time you normally require for exercising.

Guarantees maximum results the easy way

Slide Effect guarantees with full confidence that it’s the perfect way to attain the perfect physique. It speaks about an extensive variety of exercises you can perform using it. It has been designed to meet the growing demand at any fitness level, so if you are a fitness freak you may consider having it at home. The manufacturers of Slide Effect are promoting peak quad training, a special technique of exercising on it as its secret.

Portable and convenient

Slide Effect can be used on different types of surfaces ranging from carpet to hardwood easily. It is also lightweight, so it is easy to put away or carried anywhere.


What do I get?

  • 2 Slide Effect Aluminum Omni-Directional Handles
  • 2 Resistance Bands with Stabilizing & Variable Strengths
  • 2 Ankle Bands, Knee Pad and Docking Station
  • 1 Nutrition Guide
  • 1 Workout Guide Circuit
  • 1 Full Body 360 Workout DVD

Price: 1 Payment of $89.95 + Free S/h. Official website |

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