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22 Comments on "Slim Sip Drink Mix Review and Info"

  1. Can this Slim Sip be taken if you have heart disease. I have had triple bypass after having m1 heart attack I am on prescribed drugs but no longer under heart consultant only GP.

  2. Is Slim Sip safe for older people to use? My mum is 71, she is on medication for her heart and strong painkillers for arthritis. Is it ok for her to use? Thanks Lisa Clark

  3. How long do have to take slim sip to see weight loss results?

  4. Hi , I would like to know if it’s ok to drink slimsip whilst taking tablet medication for high cholesterol? Thanks

  5. I’ve been using this Slim Sip for a week… It does reduce my appetite and has made a difference to the amount I eat, as for weight loss, I can’t tell you as I’ve not weighed myself. But!!! I feel better, and knowing I’m not eating as much as I did will surely give me some weightless x it’s only been a week, so who knows? I would recommend this to anyone who had a tendency to eat more than they need. One side effect, you got the the toilet a lot more often. If you are normally regular anyway, it’s gonna be MORE regular. But I do like this stuff and will continue to use it. My energy levels are through the roof… Psychological?? Who knows, but I feel good.

  6. I have been using slim sip for just a few days. It does increase the toilet visits considerably and has given me a slight tummy ache. I have not eaten so much to be honest and it does have a great taste, but I have to time when i can go out because of the effect it has on me within 20 mins…I will stick with it though.

  7. I’ve been on it for 2 weeks and I’ve lost 13 lb well chuffed with it.

    • How are you taking it and what kind of meal plan are you on?

    • Does it interact with medication, as I have been on it for to days and my heart rate was faster than normal. At the moment I am on Slimfast, 2 milk shakes and 1 meal.

      • I’ve started this today and after one sachet I feel full couldnt finish my coffee and its a great laxative especially as I suffer constipation due to medication. I normally snack after breakfast but don’t feel the need to. So far its doing what is says heres hoping it continues.

    • I know you wrote this a while back but are you still taking or what happened once you stopped taking it. I started today so no result to report yet. how much weight overall did you loose on this. Thanks

  8. I have been using Slim sip for 5 days and to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t work for me. It hasn’t dulled my appetite at all, which is very disappointing after all the rave reviews I have seen about this product.

    • I have been taking Slim Sip for 2 days now but dont feel right at all. I feel very weak plus the instructions you get with it doesn’t say if you can take it with medication.

  9. I was very sceptical about this product but it works! It worked from the first day and now after 5 days I think it’s great, I don’t snack as I was before, my meals are half or less than before. The only downside it’s that gives you some tummy aches and irregular bowel movements. I’ll be back in 2 weeks time with some results!

  10. Been on it 3 days, I feel ok im not getting the urge to go squirrilling and snacking, the only problem I had was today got stomach cramp but think I drank it too fast, and have had a splitting headache for on and off for 2 days, don’t know whether its the Slim sip of the weather, but wasn’t well last night almost verging migraine, but other than that its ok.

  11. I have been on for 3 days.. Didn’t feel much diff first day. But today has been much better I do feel fuller and haven’t desired to go raiding the fridge or just eat because the food is there. I feel absolutely stuffed… I haven’t been dieting with food either im still having the foods I enjoy. I won’t weigh myself untill 2 weeks on it but I do feel great.. Defo more trips to the loo but no upset tummy and regular bowel movements I would recommend 🙂

  12. It’s slimquick available in South Korea Xanax 1Mg Buy Online ?

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