Slow and Easy Cooker

What is Slow and Easy Cooker

– It is an amazing insulated bag that holds pots easily to slow cook any food in eco-friendly way without any need of electricity or fuel.


Innovative slow cooking

Slow and Easy Cooker is a very innovative way in which slow cooking can take place without the use of traditional slow cookers or pots. Slow cooking has come into the limelight often and is said to be the most effective way of cooking meals due to its various advantages. Slow and Easy Cooker is said to retain all the benefits of such slow cooking but eliminates the negatives that come with slow cookers. Slow cookers may use electricity or need counter tops which consumes quite a bit of resources. The design of Slow and Easy Cooker promises to provide a solution to save these resources and money along with retaining the benefits of slow cooking.


Groundbreaking design

Slow and Easy Cooker apparently is not a utensil but an insulating bag that comes with the capability to hold various different pots. How it functions is very simple and easy to understand in three simple steps. All one needs to do is to simmer a pot with the desired food on the stove. Once heat catches up on the pot it should be placed in the Slow and Easy Cooker. Supposedly the insulating material in it retains the heat of the pot from its initial simmer and keeps cooking the meal till it’s done like a slow cooker.


Unique benefits

Biggest advantage touted about Slow and Easy Cooker is that it is Eco-friendly. This means it saves a lot of fuel and electricity while making Chili, Pot Roast, Soups, Pasta and much more. Slow and Easy Cooker promises to be the most beneficial method of cooking. With the regular advantages of slow cooking it is said to cook meals in the most nutritious way. Also slow cooking the meal means the flavors and juices remain intact providing a scrumptious appeal to any type of food cooked in it. Slow and Easy Cooker also benefits by the fact that it is a bag and fits 2-9 Quart pots with short handles and lids providing best solution for potlucks, picnics, camping, BBQs and tailgating.


What do I get?

Get the Slow and Easy Cooker for just $19.99 + $7.95 S&H. Official website:


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