Spin Balls

Promises endless moments of fun

Spin Balls is a new spinning toy made to get children as well as grown-ups all excited. You can spin, swing, twirl and move the spinning ball in the air with the adjustable string attached to it. The makers of Spin Balls promise you that you can sketch mind-blowing designs on the surface of the air easily and safely whenever you want. It can help even small children to spin it with no trouble and feel all excited as go about creating colorful, vivid designs in the air. It’s introduced as the perfect spinning toy that brings everyone lots of fun and entertainment.



Freestyle fun to impress one and all

Makers of Spin Balls go all out in showing how you can astonish everyone with it. The moves it makes would make everyone think you’re an expert at playing with lights, while the fact is it’s actually easy to spin it. It has LED lights at the tip which create the most interesting patterns all around and perform thousands of tricks with it.



Soft to touch so won’t hurt

Spin Balls is made of soft material hence you’re assured that it won’t hurt even if it happens to hit you when in action. According to its manufacturers, it has a patent pending soft core ball design which is perfect even for beginners. Even kids are now playing with Spin Balls and are great at it so they say even you can try it. Spin Balls can be used anywhere and by anyone doing anything like watching TV or chilling out with friends.


Different modes of heady lights

Spin Balls offers different modes of lighting and effects for you to choose from. There’s Strobe Fade, Solid and more you can try. It’s claimed that all the modes are mind-blowing and let you paint the air beautifully with light.


Adjustable string

The string of Spin Balls is flexible, hence it can be adjusted as per your need. Apparently, it’s designed to be used at different heights so that everyone can use it.


What do I get?
You get 2 Lightup Spin Balls, 1 Carrying Bag and 1 Spin Balls Instructional DVD for just $19.99 + S/h. Official website SpinBallspoi.com


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