Spin Curler

What is Spin Curler?
The Spin Curler is a curling iron that automatically spins while curling your hair.Use the Spin Curler to create shine in your hair in just a few moments. You do not need many tools to create natural curls. You can also get volume without tangling. This curling iron does not crimp, crease or burn hair. Hot curlers can take a long time to do the same job and can be too hot as well.

The Spin Curler claims to take a very short time to create curls in your hair without any hassles. This new styling tool promises to set a new spin in to the way you curl your hair.

With the revolutionary spinning smart clamp technology, the Spin Curler is supposed to wrap your hair strands around its curling barrel. It claims to do this with just one touch. Regular curling irons wrap the ends of your hair against the curling barrel while trapping the strands around the clamp. This causes damage due to the intense heat. With the Spin Curler, you can start the curl at the point in your strand of hair where you want the curl to begin. It is supposed to wrap your hair without any overlap. This produces even heat around the entire hair section. This in turn creates a long lasting curl without any damage to your hair.



The Spin Curler has state of the art ceramic core that generates professional levels of heat along the whole barrel length. It has a natural tourmaline crystal

The dual layer technology of the Spin Curler produces negative ions that promise to eliminate frizz and lock in hydration. The ionic technology can be used on all
hair types, even damaged or chemically treated hair, according to its claims.



Advantages of the Spin Curler

• Creates curls instantly
• Automatic spinning curling wand
• Even distribution of heat
• No damage
• 4 settings for different types of hair
• One hand operation
• Hydrates hair

Spin Curler promises to create long-lasting, natural looking curls instantly without any hassles.


What do I get?Price.
One the spin curler
Pro styling comb
Proffessional styling clips
Spin curler traveling bag
Price – 3 payment of $33.33 free shipping .Total amount $ 99.99.
1 easy payment of $99.99. Free shipping
Official website spincurler.com


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