SpinBlox As Seen On TV | Spin Blocks – Does it entertain your kids?

What is SpinBlox: They are interlocking blocks and gears that spin and can be a source of endless entertainment for kids.

Spin Blox claims to offer your kids live action fun that can leave them satiated and engaged for a long time. When you are buying toys and games for your kids you want them to be engaging for them and if they boost their creativity, then even better. That’s what keeps your kids hooked to toys in the first place. SpinBlox believes that your kids can never stop having fun with it because it is stimulating and quite engaging as well.



SpinBlox is simple for kids to get started with

These interblocking blocks and gears can help your kids create an exciting world around them and there is no limit to the options they have. At the same time SpinBlox is quite easy to use and kids have to snap the interlocking base blocks together. And at places where you want motion you can add the gears. Spin Blocks is now ready to be turned on and it will spin at the right places leading to a whole lot of excitement amongst kids who also stand to benefit because their imagination is fuelled to a great extent.


For hours of fun with friends

When you have kids at home you have to keep thinking of ways to ensure that they are occupied. But they tend to get bored of those regular toys so quickly. That won’t be the case with Spin Blox according to its claims as it’s quite entertaining when they are on their own or with their friends for that matter. SpinBlox opens a world of creative outlets for your kids as they can build a tower that moves or a plane that will let their imagination soar to another level altogether.



For fun at parties

If you have to entertain kids at home then you can simply set SpinBlox into motion and make sure kids have a whale of a time, according to its claims. With hundreds of designs to work with, they are never going to be bored.


What do I get?
Get the 80 pc Spin Blocks set for just $10.00 + $6.99 S/h.
Get the 240 pc SpinBlox set for just $45.95.

Official website: spinblox.com


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