Star Shower Laser Light Review

About Star Shower Laser Lights

Star Shower Laser Lights claims to be decorative lights that add thousands of stars in the landscape of your house. Star Shower Laser Lights asserts that you do not have to waste hours struggling with strands of hanging lights or get up on a ladder to put them on. Star Shower Laser Lights convinces to be ideal for yards, foyers or even kids’ bedroom. Star Shower Laser Lights alleges to have an extra long stake making it ideal to be used even when it snows.


Star Shower Laser Light Review

Anemic Lights
Kimberly who bought Star Shower complained in her review that the infomercial is completely misleading. She was blown away by the bright lights she saw in the infomercial but when she actually used it in front of the house, it was very anemic light. It makes her believe that they had used at least a few of these projectors to get the light effect that was shown in the infomercial. The TV ad also shows a base / stand, which was actually missing in the product she got. Overall she thinks these lights are meant for indoor settings and just not good enough for outdoor use.

Not worth the price
Ryan who used Star Shower exposed in his review that the lights are nowhere close to the brightness that you see in the TV advert. He regrets not watching the video review of the product because otherwise he wouldn’t have wasted his money on it. He thinks that it is just not worth its price of $39.99.

Need to use more than one light
Sylvian who reviewed Star Shower revealed in his review that you just can’t get enough light on the wall, fences or even trees with just one of these lights. You need at least 3 to 4 lights to make sure you get the bright light effect you might be hoping for. But even then it only shows up well when it’s pitch dark all around. If there are street lights on, the effect is really pale and diluted.


How does Star Shower Laser Light work?

When it comes to lighting up your home during holidays, you need to hang strands of lights, which takes hours first to untangle and then get on the ladder again and again. But Star Shower Laser Lights convinces that you just need to place it anywhere in the yard, plug it in and switch it on. Star Shower Laser Lights will instantly give you thousands of lights on your home’s facade or the walls inside.


Brighten up your dark yard instantly

It’s holiday time but the thought of putting up the holiday lights is also painful and that’s because you need to detangle the strands before manually hanging them. Getting up the ladder only adds to the risk of falling and also the pain other than the hours that you spend lighting the yard up. But Star Shower Laser Lights proclaims that you just need minutes to make your yard and home go from dark to dazzling. The Star Shower Laser Lights unit can be placed anywhere you like in your yard and you just need to plug it in and switch it on to get thousands of dazzling stars lighting the night up instantly – no more tangled strands or getting up on ladders. All the effort of installing hanging lights goes to waste because the lights don’t even work and you need to go up and down the ladder again to fix it. Star Shower Laser Lights guarantees that you won’t face any such issue with it.

For yard, foyer and even rooms

If you want to bring the party into the house, you can do it in seconds. Star Shower Laser Lights promises that you just need to pick up the unit and plug it in inside to get stars on the wall. Star Shower Laser Lights declares to be ideal for yards, foyers, living rooms and even to give your kids a starry night right in their bedroom. Star Shower Laser Lights asserts that the landscape of your home and the facade will look beautiful all through the holiday and your kids can have teeny parties right at home with their own disco lights.


Use it all year long

Star Shower Laser Lights maintains that you do not have to wait just for the holidays to dazzle your home with lights. If you have a party or a get together at home, Star Shower Laser Lights proclaims to decorate the walls instantly any time. Star Shower Laser Lights alleges that it has an extra long stake that keeps it safe even during snowfall. It promises that you do not have to deal with damaged bulbs or change the lights every year.


What do I get?

1 Red and Green Star Shower Laser Light for $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling.
6 Red and Green Star Shower Laser Light for $199.98 plus FREE shipping and handling.
Please see official website

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  1. I bought the star laser early in October to check it out before Christmas. It lit up my whole two story house the cars trees street everything in its way.Waiting for Christmas to use it . When you buy something it comes with something you call instructions which you read if your yard is to bright the lights will be dim and the farther you go with the laser the bigger the range it will light up hope this helps love the laser


  2. My mother brought the product for me as a gift, my husband and I tried it out on our two story home last night and we like it. The further you go out the bigger the range however since we are limited on how far back we can go I’m going to purchase another one today so our whole house is covered and it look more busy perse

  3. this item is completely worthless. We plugged it in and all the lights came on like it said and in seconds it went out, you have to shake it to get it to come back on and it keeps going out.Dont waste your money.

  4. Star Shower worked satisfactorily for me but the red light soon dimmed to near nothing. Called the vendor and they are sending a replacement which is very nice but was disappointed that the bulbs aren’t replaceable.

  5. Worked satisfactorily for a short time then the red light dimmed to near nothing. Called the vendor and was readily offered a replacement. Was pleased about that but am disappointed that the bulbs aren’t replaceable.

  6. I love these lights. The only thing to improve upon is the switches which is incidental. Maybe because I don’t live in the city, the lights on are home are show-stopping. I ordered 3 @ 29.99 and am very pleased.

  7. Purchased a week ago light red light went out within 3 hours. Purchased at a Sears store going to take back and try again.

  8. I purchased 1 unit. they billed my credit card twice and shipped 2, 3 days apart. I returned 1 and I am having trouble to get it credited back to my card to my card. I believe they are not a trust worthy company. I haven’t used the light yet, hope it works or it will go back and the battle will continue. You can purchase one locally for around $ 35.00. they are over priced.


  10. Garbage!
    Bought this unit about two weeks ago because I wanted to avoid stringing lights outside. Have turned it on in the house and it seemed ok for a while. After a couple of days the switch became erratic. Sometime it comes on, sometime it doesn’t. Now it’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m ready to put the “Star Shower” outside. I’ve used several different extension cords that work just fine with other appliances and I went out and bought a new extension cord. This piece of garbage won’t come on using an extension cord. I can plug it directly into a socket and it may or may not come on. The bottom line, I just spent over 2 hours trying to avoid spending 2 hours putting up Christmas lights. I hate this GD thing!

  11. I have mixed reviews about this product. I use two (2) devices to light the front of my house in the Denver metro area. With a separation of about 15 feet the coverage is pretty good. Since the area is pretty dark the display is what I had anticipated.

    That was on the first night with air temps in the mid-20s.

    On the following night, temps were about 5 degrees F. The lights displayed the red and green dots indicting they were powered but no laser lights were projected. Further, they would power off and on intermittently. NO projection occurred the entire night.

    I think it is a great idea but you need to live in a place where cold weather is not an issue.

  12. Ordered 6 from the TV advertisement. I have been working with Christmas lights since 1976. This is the greatest disappointment for $200.00 I have experienced. I would have been better off buying $200.00 worth of new LED string lights. They are not effective as shown on TV (very weak lights). I lost $200.00 on this deal. Would not recommend.

  13. I really like this product. It works great and my house looks wonderful.
    I paid $199 for a set of 6. Went back to their sit to buy another set of 6 2 weeks later for my son and the price had gone up to $239 so they must be getting a good response from the public.

  14. this product is very disappointing dull lighting not much vision area .I purchased 3 and it was not worth it.

    • we hooked this up last night and it was fine tonight the red and green lights wont work… Cant get ahold of anyone for the warranty

  15. Junk.

    Save your money.

    Red goes out in five minutes and never comes back on.

    Returning today to Walgreens..

  16. thanks for the video. wanted to get the starshower for my girls daughter and definitely will not…! china junk.

  17. We bought three of these and placed them in front of our house. They light up our house great! You can’t have any other lights or it takes away from the effect, but who cares, no more climbing ladders or stringing lights. Had to send one back due to red laser not projecting. We think these are awesome.

  18. I have been on hold with their customer service for 23 minutes still no answer Red and green lights wont work after one night of using it

  19. Purchased 2 units ,after 2 hrs. both failed to work as seen on TV””. Red laser failed to shine on one unit and Green on the other. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Thank God for returns at Home Depot, both units were returned. Would recommend anyone thinking of buying one do your research and use your better judgment.

  20. Barbara Wilkerson | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    I have bought 5 & now the red want work put up 2 days ago very upset

  21. Well I put it out but not very excited by the brightness. But…. the second day the green lasers went very low and couldn’t even see them on the house!!!! That was very disappointing so now I have to go out and decorate my house and return this stupid thing and get my 40 bucs back!!!

  22. I have had trouble with this unit for one the green light doesn’t work all the time and it keep popping my outside GFI outlet.

  23. If you crib be light colored then them stars be real dim, fo sho…Santa Cleez will be flying through ya hood and wont stop cuz he cant see them dim lights. These things need to be brighter, fo sho. The price is 39 dollar and 99 cent which be 39 dollar to high. Star shower be the name but it aint no rain, it just drizzle.

  24. Linda Lysakowski | 30th November -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    After reading all the problems consumers have had I am sorry I ordered from this company. I thought I’d get my order in a reasonable amount of time, but the following day @ placing my order I checked the delivery date and found out it might take up to 30 days before I receive it. Christmas will be over by then…thanks for nothing. Don’t be fooled by this company!

  25. I have ordered star shower lights I should had them by now please call me 9374445088

  26. I bought 6 at Bed Bath & Beyond this past fall. When I got home I tested them and had to bring 2 back since either the red or green didn’t work. I just put them up for Christmas and 2 of the 6 that tested out OK in the fall didn’t work. One only showed red light the other didn’t show any light. These lights look good but their reliability sucks. Perhaps a more reputable company with a more reliable light will surface for next Christmas. The current Star Showers are just more junk from China.

  27. Plugged it in the red laser got dimmer and dimmer and went out all together. I bet next year we will see the NEW AND IMPROVED MODEL.

  28. piece of junk. Worked for 2 days, green is nearly gone. So dim. Save your money.

  29. Worked one week then lights were on but no projection on house my neighbor had same problem junk will not last last do not by

  30. Bought 5 star lights. 3 red lights went out first week’ junk’ money wasted’

  31. I like the results I have with my star shower except for one thing. One of the lights comes on bright for about 3 seconds then dims out to about 50% of what the second light projects. I wanted 2 lights to get full effect on my house and trees behind it. Where can I get some warranty relief. tried to exchanged for another one but no one has any in stock.

  32. If you have a dark color home as we have a log home. Very disappointing Do not see at all. U need to have a white or bright color home for them to work wasted money on three boxes!!!!!

  33. I bought two of these things so my house would look lit up from the highway which is about 125 yards away, what a waste of money. I placed them in my front yard aimed at my house which the lights look good standing in my front yard but if I walk about 60 yards away down my driveway, the lights are too dim and can’t be seen. These things are a joke!!!!!

  34. Used for2 days at about 3 hours and quit working, so returned to store and found out that 28% have been returned as of 12/18/2015.

  35. It was bright enough when we first put it out and the red and green looked very nice. We are not even a month into having it and the red light no longer lights, the green one is not nearly as bright as it was. Sometimes it comes on, sometimes it doesn’t I would not spend the money if I had known it would not last even one Christmas season.

  36. I bought two of these lights and I am very disappointed, too dim. Can hardly see them from the street and then one just stopped working. I hope I can return them to Bed, Bath and Beyond where I purchased them and I hope they can return them to the manufacturer. They are more Chinese junk!!!

  37. Ordered 3 – 1 quit working after 2 days – customer service is a joke at this company – spend a little more for better quality and save the headaches – also – looks great at 50 ft but cannot even see at 100 yards

  38. Questionable quality have had power cord failure on 2 of 4 units . company will not replace or make available new cords 50% failure is not good.

    • Yeah isn’t it funny how they never mention it on the box about it being a danger to Aircraft. I bought on last year and it worked for about an hour. then it quit , but during that time I read the instructions and then it gave the Airport distance warning like I said it’s been over a year since I tried this but I believe the danger was if you lived under 10 miles from an Airport , I live 6 miles from the Apple Valley Airport. Well I was lucky I got mine from Rite Aid and had no problem getting my money back. Also while it did work for the little bit it did I noticed it was pretty but didn’t cover the whole house , I have a single story adobe style and from what I could see i would have had to have 2 of them even if it had been safe for airplanes . I am going to call the Airport and ask them what they think about it.and if they have had any problems.. Later

    • These Companies that sell these shoddy products need to know that we will go after them .or at least we should , We need to set up a Traveling ( exposure squad) to hunt these fake companies down and bring them to justice in what ever country that they are hiding in as an example to others who would try to scam us hard working consumers out of our hard earned bucks. NUFF SAID!!

    • Yes, I have one of those….worked 3 months just fine outside but when I moved it….refused to work with any of 3 + cords…inside just fine when plugged into a receptacle…but what good is that? Won’t buy another thats for sure.

  39. I bought one last year. Had to put it on one tree and i you could only see it when you were in front of our house if you were down the street you couldn’t see it. This year put it in the yard it doesn’t even work not gonna waste my money on these again.

    • Mine works just great when plugged into a receptacle in the house. Put it outside? Worked for a few months and then I made the mistake of moving it….quit working with any of 4 extension cords outside….but just great when plugged directly into a receptacle. Total junk!

  40. This Product is way over rated. Only worked for 20 minutes, you have to wiggle wire in the back to make work.
    Product only works on Light colored Vinyl Siding, brick and dark color houses absorb all of the Light. had product for 48 hours and they refused to Take Back product on a 60 day warranty. Cheap China SHIT as Always.
    Make Product in USA and Quality will be There.
    $9.99 Value Selling for $39.99 DO NOT BUY

  41. Advertisements are extremely misleading. The brightness and clarity of the light is nowhere near what the demonstrations show unless you are within 10 feet of the display wall. And if you are that close, the display area becomes so small that you will need multiple units to “decorate” a reasonable area. Furthermore, the laser light has to be angled so that you won’t be looking directly at it. But the most important issue is the quality of the product itself. I purchased 2 units but after just 2 months of use, one of them simply stopped working. Since the warranty is for only 60 days and the company said sorry but too bad for you, I paid a lot of money for a very short lived product.

  42. I bought one Star Shower Light last year, 2015, just to try it. This year I bought a second one. At first the one from last year was working but now the lights go from bright to dim. When I switch it off than back on, they are bright but than eventually they get dimmer. I contacted the company and was told they are only tested to last up to two years. I also asked if I could get replacement bulbs and was told “No. Only the manufacturer can do that.” I do not think for the amount you pay, $30-$40, they are worth it. I am very disappointed.

  43. What a waste of money. Quit working after 3 months. Very disappointed and mad at the false advertisement. Company does not stand behind product either!

  44. my isn’t working after one season want to get the slide show one but now I’m not so sure if I want to waste my money on it breaks after one year

  45. lasted for 1 season, junk, how disappointing, my cord split in two places, no more for me, huge waste.

  46. buyer beware -cords are junk , no support from company,want u 2 buy whole assembly-planned obselesence

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